Cooper and Flynn Strike Again!

Author: Lauren Middleton

Cooper and Flynn Strike Again!

Derby Non Pro

Lance Cooper continued his winning streak on his great mare Zen and Tonic (High Brow CD x Dual Citizen) at the 2018 Abilene Spectacular! He marked a 222 to claim the Derby Non Pro Championship and the $10,000 check! Lance has been in the winner’s circle time and time again but this one had a little different feel to it. He had decided to go show even though his dad Michael Cooper was going to stay home to get going on all of the now three year olds at Rose Valley Ranch. The fact that he was not going to have him in his corner did not deter Lance, and he went back confidently to Abilene. He and Micaella Sabine, who prepared “Snickers”, ventured back for a solo trip that proved to be well worth the leap of faith. It is also special that Lance has been able to keep this mare for a little while largely due to his mother Jenny Cooper putting her foot down to selling her. She wanted Lance to have a great one to show for as long as possible because as we all know when Lance has a good one everyone is always well aware of his presence! Luckily even when the people who are our “go to’s” in this sport are not there to support us there are so many others that step in to fill the void, it is just one more special part of the cutting horse family that we all know and love! Lance and Snickers also claimed the Limited Non-Pro Championship adding $1,432.49 to their fantastic day!

Lance Cooper and Zen And Tonic

Reserve Champion was Julie Hansma riding Tommy Shelby (High Brow Cat x Little Pepto Zack) marking a 217.5 to take home the $9,000 Reserve Champion’s check. This duo also was the Novice Division Champions in the Derby Non-Pro adding another $1,790.61 to their earnings.

Julie Hansma and Tommy Shelby 

The Senior Champion was Bobby Hawkins riding CD Wood (High Brow CD x Wood She B A Nockout) collecting a $1,074.37 check.

Gelding Division Champion was Dapper Cat (High Brow Cat x Mate Stays Here) ridden by Darren Blanton taking home a $1,790.61 to go along with their title.

Darren Blanton and Dapper Cat

Classic Non Pro

In the Classic Non-Pro Ashley Flynn was the star of the show aboard her gelding LHR Smooth James Rey (Dual Rey x LHR Smooth Jamie May) marking a 224! They took home the $12,000 Champion’s check along with the $1,969.67 Gelding Division Champion’s check. This standout team has wowed us from the start and we always know when they step to the herd we are about to see something exceptional. It all certainly came together at this show for them as well as Ashley’s husband Sean making the Classic Open Finals on “James” earlier in the week. He seems to be getting more and more confident with both riders securing his spot as one of the favorites in the barn. Horses like James make any of the trials and tribulations in the sport all worthwhile!

Ashley Flynn and LHR Smooth James Rey

Reserve Champion was Chelsea Tatum riding Bobs Smart Rey (Dual Rey x Bobs Smart Chance) marking a 220 to collect the $10,000 Reserve Champion’s check as well as the $954.99 Limited Division Champion’s check.

Chelsea Tatum and Bobs Smart Rey

The Novice Division Champion in the Classic Non-Pro was Catmalurey (Dual Rey) ridden by Elizabeth Quirk colleting a $1,074.37 check.

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists of the Non-Pro classes!
Thanks to Running Horse Feeds for allowing us to bring you all the results from the 2018 Abilene Spectacular.

Next up for Cutting Horse Central is the Augusta Futurity followed by the Ike Derby and Classic. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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