Cuttin It - Poem by Sherri Wilson

Author: Sherri Wilson

Cuttin It - Poem by Sherri Wilson

We received this poem from Sherri Wilson who lives in Seneca Falls, New York, who was inspired by a photo we posted on social media of Brett McGlothlin riding "Somethingtobelievin" at the Lucas Oil NCHA Super Stakes this week. We thought we would share it with our followers, we hope you like it as much as we did!

“I’m Cuttin It”

See me duck and see me dive; I’m cuttin it!

I know the drill and I know the thrill

I give my rider each and every time.


See me run and see me chase; I’m cuttin it!

I know the goal and I know how to roll.

I take my rider down the rail.


See me spin and see me stop; I’m cuttin it!

I know the way and I don’t stray

From the task at hand to make the score.


See me glare and see me stare; I’m cuttin it!

I know the cow and how to wow.

I anticipate every bovine move.


See me whirl and make dust swirl; I’m cuttin it!

I know just how low I can go

To turn that cow and change its mind.


See me think and never blink; I’m cuttin it!

I never lose my sight, I know what’s right.

My rider enables me to do my thing.

See me win and see me grin, I’m cuttin it!

I love my job, I’m not a snob.

I’ll take you to that winners circle.

I’m cuttin it!

Sherri Wilson
Seneca Falls, NY


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