Introducing CHC's Newest Program- So Ya Wanna Be a Loper!!

Author: Lauren Middleton

Introducing CHC's Newest Program- So Ya Wanna Be a Loper!!

Everyone here at Cutting Horse Central is excited about our brand new project that we have been working on inspired by Miranda Westfall who will be leading the “So Ya Wanna Be A Loper?” program. It is an educational series dedicated to the “Lopers” in the cutting horse industry. Our goals are to share knowledge with new comers in the sport who desire to take on these tasks, eventual job placement, and just the promotion of this very unique lifestyle.

Miranda Westfall is spearheading this new project and explains her goals with the program and why she decided to do this-

Miranda brings over eleven years experience to this program and has been at David & Stacie McDavid's Ranch working for their resident trainer, Clint Allen, for over four of those years.

It is a hard way of life for many but is also addictive! If you love horses, cutting, and learning the ins and outs of what it takes in the background to get these special animals in the show pen, this will be something you will enjoy!


We are planning to have a series of clinics during upcoming shows and guest speakers to reinforce some of the techniques used by most of the veterans in these positions. We have just launched The brand new So Ya Wanna Be A Loper Blog Site which can be found at and also includes a forum where rookie & veteran lopers can discuss hot topics and helpful tips. Members will also be able to post job listings for both employers and people searching for jobs.

The first meeting will be held during the last week of the upcoming Breeder’s Invitational in Tulsa, OK. Stay tuned for a date and time to be announced once the schedule has been confirmed. We hope that many can attend and we can gather some feedback from the individuals that would be interested in participating in the series. We are looking forward to where this new venture could take us, and also the chance to take on such a project with Miranda. We hope to see everyone at the Breeders Invitational!


All lopers are invited to go to the lopers only blog page and sign up for Newsletters to stay informed about news and information including upcoming events/ clinics scheduled for this new series. We can't wait to get started, see you in the loping pen!

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