Amateurs Gone Wild Cutting Purse

Author: Lauren Middleton

Amateurs Gone Wild Cutting Purse

The sport of cutting is ever changing and with that so are the individuals driving the industry. We are all constantly thinking of ways to improve it and make it more appealing for people to want to get involved in this unique sport. The Amateur riders competing in our aged event classes have come up with an innovative way to increase the payout and makes things a bit more fun! It is called the Cutting Purse Incentive with a slogan “Amateurs Gone Wild” attached to it.

The Incentive is an optional amateur driven and managed incentive program designed to create a bigger payout for Amateurs entered in the 2017 Futurity. With a small entry and flexible rules, the goal is to keep as much of the entry fee in the purse as possible. A minimum of 90% of the entry fee as well as 100% of any penalties will stay in the purse. Some hard expenses have been sponsored. A full accounting of the Cutting Purse will appear on this website following the event. The entry fee for the event is $500 and the deadline for entries is October 1st with a 10-day grace period! Be sure to get in on the fun before it is too late! As previously stated all penalties will be put directly into the purse. Slots can also be bought and sold making everything very user friendly.

The highest advancing 12% of the participants in the Cutting Purse Incentive will receive a premium check calculated by simple payout rules. Participants DO NOT have to make the semi-finals or finals to receive a check. The payout will not be top-loaded but rather will be spread out over all the participants receiving a check.

The excitement of the added money is enough to get more people inspired to show but this group has gone a step further in enhancing the Futurity experience. The schedule is loaded with; the best amateur cutting in the world, a full schedule of parties, and exciting sales of the best cutting horses offered each year. If the Cutting Purse proves to be successful it will be implemented in other shows as well this is just the start of what this group has on their minds.

For more information about all of the events to come contact one of the amateur members that have been the driving force behind the ideas and formation of The Cutting Purse; Lica Pinkston, Sharon Beach, Jo Ellard, and Hydie McAlister or visit their website at We cannot wait to see how all of this comes together at this year’s NCHA Futurity. There are big things on the horizon for our industry and this is just the beginning!

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