The Time is Upon Us

Author: Lauren Middleton

The Time is Upon Us

That time is upon us. We have put in the time, gone to the preworks, worked again after the prework, studied videos, and pretty much anything you can think of to prepare these young horses, we have done! The coffee is running low and the nerves are running high. The thought of walking to the herd is both so exciting yet terrifying. That being said this is everyone’s favorite time of the year. We love the anticipation and the excitement building up to that first run then again to the feeling of making it through a run. If we are fortunate enough to make it to the semifinals it is a feeling like no other. This year will be full of the whirlwind of emotions and we cannot wait!


Everyone will be moving into the Will Rogers complex of the next couple of days and the 2017 NCHA Futurity will begin on Wednesday the 15th of November. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Futurity being held in the Will Rogers and will go on until the 10th of December and is looking to be jam packed full of exciting events. The main focus is of course the show and all of these amazing three year olds about to make their debut. We would like to inform all of the competitors and spectators of a few things to make sure not to miss over the next month.

2016 NCHA Open Futurity Champion Matt Gaines and Second Spot

The ever-popular Trainer’s Charity Barrel Race will be held on Thursday, November 30th in the Watt Arena preceding the third round of the Mercuria Open & Non Pro World Finals! The entry fee is $300 for all NCHA Trainers and Assistant Trainers. All proceeds will benefit the Caring Cutters Fund and is sure to be so much fun for all involved. There will be more information about the event at the Cutting Horse Central booth in the exhibit hall throughout the show.

Another exciting thing to come visit about at the Cutting Horse Central booth is the new Internship Program being formed through our Loper’s Central project. The first introduction of the program at Mississippi State University was a huge success and plans to visit additional universities are in the works. Anyone wishing to be a part of this program and host an intern can come get the information from the booth to set things in motion. We are looking forward to all of the doors that this program can open for the individuals looking to intern. It is also a great opportunity for trainers to introduce more people to the sport we all love so much.

Internship Presentation at Mississippi State University

The Futurity is largely focused on all of the young horses beginning their careers but the show is also the host of the NCHA World Finals. It is made up of an elite group of qualifiers that have worked all year long to make it to these finals. The Open and Non Pro Mercuria World finals will kick off the festivities on November 24th and consist of four rounds along with a pencil round for the average. The remaining weekend classes consist of two working rounds and a pencil finals round for the average. There are several classes in which the World Champion can still change and it all comes down to these last few runs. The energy will be high and the competitors going for the gusto to claim these last few big money checks for the year. There are so many exciting things being planned to go along with these already action packed finals it is something to be sure to attend!

These are just a few things that make this show special and refresh the spirit of the cutting horse industry. We all work hard to keep progressing in both the show pen and the understanding of how to improve the industry as a whole. With the ideas that have turned into realities just as these young horses that are now on the verge of being show horses it has proven to be a fantastic year. The NCHA Futurity is just the first show for these exceptional athletes, but it is also the show we all dream about and will end the 2017 show season with a life changing win for a few lucky individuals.

Matt Gaines Celebrating After 2016 Futurity Win

As we tuck in our soon to be show horses this evening remember how blessed we are to be a part of this sport. The long nights and countless hours analyzing every aspect of our preparation is so worth it as we take the first step into the lights and hear Tom call out their names for the very first time. Good luck to everyone and as so many say may your cows be fresh and your horses smart. We are ready for another year of seeing dreams come true.

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