A Special Night for Bushaw and Davis

Author: Lauren Middleton

A Special Night for Bushaw and Davis

Two more Champions were crowned last night at the 2017 NCHA Futurity. Rocky Davis topped the Unlimited Amateur aboard Redneck Creyzy (Dual Rey x Xquizit Cat) marking a 219.5! They took home a huge $21,495 check along with the Senior Division Championship as well as the Gelding Division Championship. Needless to say, it was a very special night for Rocky. When thinking about the plan for his run Rocky told us that he just wanted to focus on his cuts because that is usually his weak point. He trusted his trainer Salvador Cabral to pick his cattle to set him up well he just had to put all of his concentration into cutting them. His trainer Chava, as he is known by many, let the run build and when he knew they had a solid run going he opted for a cow that he knew would be tough but pay off in the end. With a stinger of a cow wrapping up the run it was evident that it was worth the risk when the score came up! Rocky was grinning from ear to ear walking out of the pen and told us he knew it was a good run but was not sure how good. He just loved every second of it. To win in the “big pen” is a dream come true for Rocky leaving the Canadian cutter hooked a bit longer to this addictive sport!

Rocky Davis and Redneck Creyzy

Reserve Champion was Bella Anderson marking a 219 on a horse owned by her parents, Bobby Jack Cat (Cats Quixote Jack x Shes Too Stylish). They collected a $21,204 check to go along with their already amazing show. Bella finished third in the Amateur just a few days ago and was in the Semi Finals of the Non-Pro Division as well.

Bella Anderson and Bobby Jack Cat

Third Place went to Reyly Plendl marking a 218.5 riding LHR Play Boon (Boon San x Rey Jay Play). She received a hefty $10,914 check. She and her sister Regan both qualified for the Unlimited Amateur Finals making it an extra special event for the two of them.

Reyly Plendl riding LHR Play Boon

In the Non-Pro Chad Bushaw and his mare Bittersweet (Metallic Cat x Miss Sea Rey) stole the show marking a 225 to clinch the title and receive the prestigious $61,162 Champion’s check! This mare has been a standout individual all along Chad told us and usually he sells horses like her. He is known by so many as an excellent businessman and the horses are first and foremost a business for he and his family. There was something about this year though, he decided to keep this mare for several reasons: One was that numerous people told him he needed to keep a good one to enjoy for once, two he was busy hauling his sons around showing and not in the setting he normally is to sell horses so therefore was not tempted by people asking, and three one day he was taking his two sons to a show as he had done quite a bit over the past couple of years and they asked, “dad did you used to be good at cutting back when you used to show” that is when it hit him that he might need to keep one! He laughed about the turn of events but really it was just meant to be on this night for this duo. Down to her name “Bittersweet” their story was a good one. A couple of years ago Chad sold a mare as a yearling that later became the high selling two-year-old, Summer Shandy. The thing was that he sold her for $35,000 and she is now one of the favorites of this crop of three year olds despite some bad luck in the first round of the Open Futurity. He purchased Bittersweet with the money that he received from selling Summer Shady which obviously worked out perfectly. Selling horses such as Summer Shady or Eight Mile, another two-year-old sale record setter, is hard when you have a competitor’s heart. We want to win and in the sport of cutting today you almost have to have a great horse to do so. The story turned out in the best way possible for both Chad and his family. Not only did Chad have an exceptional show but also both of his boys made finals as well! Will in the Amateur and Charles Russel in the Unlimited Amateur!

Chad Bushaw and Bittersweet

The greats in this sport always give credit where credit is due. He would have not been able to accomplish what he has without an exceptional team behind him. There are many great people in this industry but his team is beyond special to him, they are family. Matt Gaines, Casey Green, Michael Cooper, and Phil Rapp are always in his corner wanting to see him do well. It without a doubt is the best feeling walking to the herd knowing the four people with you want you to win as much as you do. He really considers them all close friends and would do anything for them and vice versa. This night was just supposed to be Chad’s night and we could not be happier for him!

Reserve Champion was Brandon Westfall riding Smooth Lil Cowtown (Smooth As A Cat x Sweet Lil Cowtown) marking a 221! They took home a $52,105 check, a pretty impressive payday for the young showman. This mare also made the Open Semi Finals to be held this evening with Brandon’s dad Russ. This mare holds a special place in everyone’s hearts being started by the late Trey Hunt. He was important to us all making her success something that will always remind us of him.

Brandon Westfall and Smooth Lil Cowtown

Third Place was Cody Hedlund riding Iggy Reyzalea (Dual Smart Rey x Teles Bout This Cat) marking a 220 collecting a $41,047 check. Cody previously won the Non-Pro Futurity on this mare’s mom and went on to claim Non-Pro Horse of the Year as well. This whole family of horses have been a blessing to Cody and his family throughout the years.

Cody Hedlund and Iggy Reyzalea

The Champion of the Senior Division was Bonnie Martin riding One Kitten Ata Time (One Time Pepto x Kittens).

Bonnie Martin riding One Kitten Ata Time

Congratulations to all of the winners and the finalists we are looking forward to one of the most exciting evenings of the year, the Open Futurity Semi Finals! Good luck to everyone as the take the big stage from everyone here at Cutting Horse Central!

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