Author: Barbra Schulte


Have you ever heard a new idea ... and then it shows up again from another person ... and then again?

That happened to me in the past few months. I love that. I believe it means I'm supposed to pay attention to the idea. 
Here's what was told to me from three different people.
At the beginning of a new year, pick a "theme". Write it down. Post it in different places. It's your theme for the entire year.
For example, I met someone who chose "courage" last year. She energized herself with that simple word every morning and throughout the day on a stickee note. It was her "slogan". It changed her life! She absolutely became more courageous in 2017.
So I'm giving it a try this year. I'm picking a theme.
I've decided to see more of the best in all things. When I think of goals and outcomes, I want to visualize the best. When I see difficult situations, I want to think of the best outcome. I want to see the best in my horses, other people and myself. So my theme this year is "See the best." 
Want to try a theme for yourself? Strive for how you can stretch yourself in a way that's exciting to you.
If you want to adopt a theme for 2018, c'mon! Click the link below and share your theme with me.
Here's to making this the best year ever! Let's rock it!
PS ... The energy of a theme that rings true for each one of us sure beats the heck out of resolutions. They feel tiring! A theme feels energizing (-:

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