Author: Lacy Tucker


(Cover Photo by Charles Brooks)
"When they told her her story was written in the stars, she went to the heavens and crushed each one with her bare hands, stars have no power over her, the night sky is hers now, and she will carve it with constellations of her own." -- never tell a goddess her fate // k.s.

The best way to start off this article is by stating that the words "Good things happen to Good people" has never rung truer than when we speak of this talented cowgirl pictured above, Ashley Bosack. Down to the deepest parts of this girls soul, she is all that is GOOD. Not knowing much about Ash when she originally came to work for Morgan Cromer, two things were made very clear to me.

One- She was on her way to manifest destiny. She had an all or nothing kind of confidence with a determined but gentle touch on each and every horse she worked with. You could see a glimpse into Ashley's future with every twinkle in her eye. She was focused and ready to make dreams a reality.

Two- This one was simple; we were going to be best friends.

Ashley first started riding at 10 years old when her mom met Pat, Ashley's Stepdad. She tells me she was honestly scared to death of horses. Clearly, that did not last very long. Ashley has done just about every discipline when it comes down to it. Starting out she went to club shows and gymkhanas on her POA, Dusty. She did jumping, team penning, reining, ranch horse versatility, and now cutting.

Ash tells me it was a total fluke deal how she came to be involved with the cutting horse industry. She had her own business buying and selling horses, breaking colts, and riding just about anything she could get her hands on. A friend of hers at the time was working for Mike Wood and they just so happened to need show help. Ashley went on a month run with the crew and long story short she made the Wood Hood her home for the next 5 years and completely fell in love with the sport.

After 5 years with the weekend warriors, she came to Morgan Cromer's program to learn the Aged Event side of things. She says back in 2012 at one of her first shows working for Mike, she remembers seeing Morgan at the Rancho Futurity put on by Carol Ward and quickly spotted her out in a crowd, immediately called her parents and told them all about this amazing woman who trains and with much gusto said "That is who I want to be one day." Funny enough, 6 whole years later here she is riding as Morgan's assistant trainer and learning the tricks of the trade as an Open Aged Event competitor.

With a World Championship title in the 2,000 limit and being among the "Top 5 five-year up & comer statistics" with earnings of $32,363 under her belt, Ashley showed up to win in Las Vegas at the PCCHA Futurity in October. Claiming the Classic Open Intermediate Championship on Smooth Classical AKA "Phil" owned by Karen Brody of Santa Barbara, CA. Marking a fat 223 to take first place. That title along with making two other horses to the Derby Open Intermediate finals she earned herself a little over $10,000 to add to her already very impressive resume. This was by far my favorite memory with Ashley because I got to get her horse ready before and give her a big hug after. This was Ashley's first of many aged event titles. Proud is the understatement of the century when it comes to how I feel about this girl.


This was a special write up for me because not only is Ashley an up and coming competitor that the world needs to know about, but because she's also been one of the pillars to my internal growth and to my current success as a writer. Both of us going in completely different directions in life, but we both admit we wouldn't be anywhere close to where we are today without the endless support and love of the other. With lots of laughs, tears, dirt, and frustration our friendship has never wavered and from the very beginning, we wanted the VERY best for each other. That is a best friend. Through thick and thin it means the world to know we will both be right next to each other through all of our successes and all of our failures. We moved mountains in 2017, now I twiddle my thumbs in anticipation to see what we do next in 2018. It's going to be a great year, this I know.

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