The Non Pro plus The Open Moves to Ardmore with New Dates!

Author: Della Hillerman

The Non Pro plus The Open Moves to Ardmore with New Dates!

The Non Pro plus The Open, June 8th thru June 17th, 2018

Hardy Murphy Coliseum, Ardmore, Ok. 


THE NON PRO plus THE OPEN announces the movement of the show starting in 2018 to Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Ok. 


The Non Pro plus The Open has called Oklahoma City home for over 20 years.  With a great appreciation to the Staff of the State Fairgrounds and the staff in Oklahoma City, the show has decided to make a move to a new location that will allow the show to expand 2 more days and make the show an easy event to manage.  The relationship with Oklahoma City has been fabulous and we are sad to leave the home of the event and venture into new surroundings.

Changes are underway in OKC, with the building of a new arena and the start of paid parking in 2019.  The show has decided a move to a facility that has dates available to allow expansion, these dates are available, we could not chance that these dates would be available at a later date. The City of Ardmore welcomes The Non Pro with open arms and pledges to continue the efforts of improvements to the facility.  They have a host of wonderful hotels and fabulous restaurants. 

The show will maintain the same format with one HUGE change.    We will be able to expand 2 days, making our working days much shorter, creating a super cutter friendly schedule and a HUGE addition will be an additional $45,500 in added money to the show.  Added money will be spread across the board to all Amateur, Non Pro and Open classes.   We want to pass along the savings to the cutters that we will have in rent of the facility in Ardmore, taking that money and increasing the Added Money that will go back directly to the cutters.

The dates for the 2018 event will be June 8th to June 17th

ONE NEW FEATURE:  We recognize the importance of promoting and awarding our young upcoming trainers in this industry.  I have listened to the needs and concerns they have.  Therefore, we are adding $5000.00 to each Limited Open, both the 4 Year Open and 5/6 Year Open that can be entered as just a limited entry or as a combo entry into the Open divisions.  If entered as a combo entry they will only pay 1 cattle charge and will pay a combo entry fee.  If wishing to just enter the Limited they will pay the limited entry fee.  All will be held together in the open go rounds with a separate working finals.

The show staff of The Non Pro will remain the same, the great awards will be given, and a great deal of hospitality is always on board.  We are in the early planning of some events at the show that we have not been able to have the past several years due to time restraints.  We are excited about putting some of the family fun back into the show.  See you in Ardmore!!  Watch ads for great hotel deals.  They will be offering greatly reduced room rates to our contestants.    


For further information or question please contact Della Hillerman, Show Manager  405-598-2568 or

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