Cutting Purse Pays Off

Author: Lauren Middleton

Cutting Purse Pays Off

Thank you to those that have both been involved in the formation of the innovative Cutting Purse Program and to those that have decided to participate in it!  It is a fun new way to make some extra cash in the cutting pen!  Here is a little refresher on how the program works:

The Incentive is an optional amateur driven and managed incentive program designed to create a bigger payout for Amateurs entered in the shows it is applied to. With a small entry and flexible rules, the goal is to keep as much of the entry fee in the purse as possible. A minimum of 90% of the entry fee as well as 100% of any penalties will stay in the purse. Some hard expenses have been sponsored. A full accounting of the Cutting Purse will appear on this website following the event. The entry fee for the event is $500.  As previously stated all penalties will be put directly into the purse. Slots can also be bought and sold making everything very user friendly. The highest advancing 12% of the participants in the Cutting Purse Incentive will receive a premium check calculated by simple payout rules.   

Just a couple of the winners during Amateur week at the 2018 NCHA Super Stakes!

Rules For The Super Stakes

We wanted to go over the rules for the NCHA Super Stakes to furthur explain how this program works.  Those that have not participated yet, here is how it works: 
The Incentive is OPTIONAL. Contestants can enter or not enter. Contestants showing multiple horses in any division can choose to enter one, two, three, or none in the incentive.

The Incentive purse is created by contestants in each respective class by paying a $500 entry fee on each of their entries that they wish to be in the incentive.

The Incentive consists of 4 (four) purses-the Super Stakes Amateur and Unlimited Amateur Purses and the Super Stakes Classic Amateur and Unlimited Amateur purses.

To enter any of the Incentive Purses a contestant must already have a paid entry in the respective class at the Super Stakes. The Cutting Purse Incentive will be paid out to the highest advancing 12% of the Incentive participants in each class.

The incentive is UNAPPROVED, therefore, earnings will not count towards eligibility of either rider or horse.

IT pays to enter the Amateur Cutting Purse Incentive! Congratulations to all winners and Thank You Bar RR Ranches LLC for your continued support the NCHA Amateur Division.

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