Non-Pro and Amateur Champions Named at the BI

Author: Alex Taft

Non-Pro and Amateur Champions Named at the BI

5/6-Year-Old Non-Pro

Greg Coalson & Bets On Bathsheba

When you’re first up in the finals, you set the stage for the rest of the field. As draw one of the 5/6YO Non Pro finals, Greg Coalson walked to the herd with confidence on Bets On Bathsheba (by Bet Hesa Cat) and marked a big 222.

The teams that followed did their best to top those marks, but the 222 held up for the Championship, worth $17,512. That big paycheck pushed “Sasha's” lifetime earnings to nearly $95,000. 

"The first draw, you basically go in there and try to have a real smooth run," Greg said. "You have some favorite cows you want to cut, and everything is fresh. If you can shape the cows you want, then you cut them. You just try not to take yourself out of the cutting. The first horse out sets the precedence for the rest of the class and gives the judges something to gage the rest off of. The contestants know what is in the lead. I was fortunate that it worked out the way it did. 

“The first cow was a lot more than we thought," Greg continued. "She got fast and close, and the mare handled it good and gritty and accurate and pretty.”

Greg actually wasn’t even set to ride Sasha at the BI. He has another mare that he had planned to show, but since she was feeling a little off, he opted to let her rest. Sasha has not been shown since the Super Stakes, and that is the last time Greg worked her, as well. He really didn’t know what to expect, but he is certainly pleased with how everything turned out.

“I had several other horses that I had been working that I actually thought might have a better shot of making the finals,” Greg said. “In fact, another mare I thought I could win it on. She is a really good mare, but being laid off that long, I would’ve thought she would be a little cow fresh or silly. She was good.”

Constance Jaeggi & Ichis My Choice

The Reserve Championship went to Constance Jaeggi and Ichis My Choice (by Cat Ichi), who marked a 220 as the last draw. Constance and “Abba” earned $14,514 for their high marks. Abba needs little introduction, having clinched the 2016 NCHA Open Horse of the Year title, and she now boasts a lifetime record of $374,352. 

The third-place title was split between Ty Moore on Set Fire To The Reyn (by Dual Rey) and Jessica Feiner on B Nimble (by Dual Smart Rey), who both marked a 218.5. Both pairs collected roughly $10,604 for their solid marks.

Jessica and “Nimble” also earned the Gelding Championship in the division for an additional $2,821.

Gary Barker & Smooth Nu Cat

Gary Barker and Smooth Nu Cat (by Smooth As A Cat) marked a 216.5 as the 11th draw and picked up the Senior Championship, which was worth $2,276.


5/6-Year-Old Limited Non-Pro

Jessica Feiner & B Nimble

It can be nerve wracking when you walk your horse to the herd during the finals at a show like the BI. Add to that riding back-to-back horses, and another level of focus is needed to come out with a successful run.

Jessica Feiner filled the last two slots of the 5/6-Year-Old Limited Non-Pro finals with her geldings, Tommy Mo and B Nimble (by Dual Smart Rey). And while she describes the two as very different, her strategy for her runs was the same – stay relaxed and cut clean.

That simple plan seemed to pay off when she marked a 219.5 on “Nimble” for the Championship. In addition to the main win, she also picked up the Gelding title, and all told she earned $6,727 on her 6-year-old gelding. 

“The game plan was just to cut clean because the cow seemed pretty fast,” Jessica said. “They said to try to cut slow and clean. If you get the opportunity to work longer or do more, do that, but the goal was to be clean. When I finished my run [on Tommy Mo], I just had to slow my adrenaline down and take a couple of breaths.

“They are both so different. They are both so great, but different. Both Wesley [Galyean] and Adan [Banuelos] said to ride them the same. They are different but easy to ride. It felt really good.”

Jessica was quick to thank her help after her winning run, saying her success in the show pen would not be possible without the steadfast support of her team.

“I would love to thank my help,” Jessica said. “My brother Adan has Nimble, and he does such a good job. My brother and Wesley are in my corner. Wesley trains Tommy, so having those two is a dream. Lloyd [Cox] and Grant [Setnicka] are also phenomenal. I would really, really like to thank those four. They are great cow pickers and they have my back even when I don’t. I also want to thank my husband, Steven, for always supporting me. I couldn’t do it without him.”

Carly Chiarelli & Olive Martini

Carly Chiarelli and Olive Martini (by Metallic Cat) were not far behind with their marks of a 219. That score earned them the Reserve Championship and a check of $4,046. Those earnings pushed Olive Martini to a lifetime record of more than $80,000, according to the NCHA.

Third-place honors went to Gentry Gonsalves and Georgia Bootlegger (by Dual Smart Rey), who marked a 213.5. The pair garnered $3,334 for their solid run in the finals.


4-Year-Old Unlimited Amateur 

Stacie McDavid & Desires Chromed Cat

Stacie McDavid was unsure about how her run would go in the 4-Year-Old Unlimited Amateur because the cows looked a little uneasy, but after she marked a 218 on Desires Chromed Cat (by High Brow Cat) for the Championship, she was happy everything fell into place.

She not only clinched the main class win, but she also collected the Gelding and Senior Championships, as well. At the end of the day, she earned $11,930 on “Walt.”

“The bunch before was really good, but in this bunch they weren’t as good,” Stacie said. “The cows weren’t taking ahold of the horses. They were spaced out. I quickly realized that there weren’t very many good cows. I did like my third cow.

“The first cow was kind of playing around, but the second cow was probably the best one in there. I didn’t know she was going to be as good as she was. That yellow cow made my run.”

Stacie has ridden many talented horses in her career, but Walt has a special place in her heart given his teddy bear personality.

“I have always taken to geldings,” Stacie said. “He is as kind as any horse could be.”

Jacob Taurel & V Eight Smooth Ichi

Jacob Taurel and V Eight Smooth Ichi (by Smooth As A Cat) earned a 217 for the Reserve Championship and $6,006. 

Third-place honors went to Kadie Weeks Hermes and Buckin Hot (by Hottish). The team earned a 214.5 and took home $4,861 for their success.


5/6-Year-Old Unlimited Amateur 

Glenn Barlow & Ferrarey

Glenn Barlow and Ferrarey (by Dual Rey) have had plenty of success together, but with a big 28-horse 5/6-Year-Old Unlimited Amateur finals, Glenn knew it was anyone’s game.

 His strategy was just to keep things simple and clean and that earned him a 222 for both the main and Senior Championships. All together, he won $14,098.

“We had some cows picked out, and those guys that help me told me if I cut my cows cut clean, then it’s over. So I thought, ‘there is nothing to getting your cows cut clean.’ That is all I was thinking about. We cut what we wanted to cut, and it just fell into place. We were just blessed, and it fit.

“We had brothers and sisters to her, and any success I have ever had was in the same family,” Glenn continued. “Sometimes things just fit.” 

Glenn made sure to thank his wife, Joy, and his help, Kory Pounds, Clay Johnson, Kenny Platt and Jonathan Rogers for their part in his success.

Stacie McDavid & DMAC Piccolo Pete

Stacie McDavid split the Reserve Championship with herself after marking a 218 on both DMAC Piccolo Pete (by WR This Cats Smart) and Pharoah And James (by Hickorys Indian Pep). She also earned the Gelding Championship on Pharoah And James, and the three titles earned her $19,260.

Stacie McDavid & Pharoah And James


4-Year-Old Amateur

Kim Davis & Rockin KW

You always know when Kim Davis enters the show pen, because she has a big cheering section and you know she is always going to give her best every run.

During the 4-Year-Old Amateur finals, things were no different. She and Rockin KW (by Rockin W) put on a good performance, and that was rewarded with a 218.5. Those marks held up for the Championship, worth $6,767.

That prize money brought “Sue,” who is trained by Dylan Meyer, to lifetime earnings to more than $50,000. Kim was thrilled with the way the finals turned out.

“It was very fun. I went down there and felt like, this was a finals so wanted to go and enjoy and do a good job for her. The first cow felt great. The second cow was crawling everywhere, and I was thinking it was happening and I wanted to finish the run and not mess it up. I chipped off the third cow, and she was great.

“I felt like it was really good, but I didn’t know they would mark it and I didn’t know it would win. I was really happy that I did a good job. There are so many other good people, so you never know what is going to happen. I just can’t believe it.”

Kim’s son, Bear, won this same title two years ago on Red Solo Catt, so it means a lot to her that she was able to follow in his footsteps. She loped for Bear when he won his title, and Bear got Sue ready before her winning run, and that made everything a little more special.

“It’s awesome, and I have a wonderful family,” Kim said. “We do everything together.” 

Taylor Worley & My Pinky Promise

Taylor Worley and My Pinky Promise (by High Brow CD), who is owned by Kenli Marvin, took home the Reserve title and $5,408 after marking a 218.

Third place was split between John Rockey on Dureyngo Kid (by Reys Dual Badger) and Duff Sinclair on Ima Rey Kat (by Kit Kat Sugar), who both earned a 216. To top that off, John Rockey won the Senior Championship, worth $2,489, and Duff Sinclair went home with the Gelding Championship, worth $2,073.


 5/6-Year-Old Amateur

Langston Pattillo & High Stylin CD

After topping the first go round of the 5/6-Year-Old Amateur with a 220, fans expected a lot from Langston Pattillo and High Stylin CD (by High Brow CD). As the last draw of the finals, the pressure was on and they did not disappoint.

As the run built up and finished strong, everyone was eager to see his score. When a 225 flashed on the scoreboard, there was a big round of applause.

Langston is only 16 years old, but he shows like he is a seasoned veteran, and his marks in the Amateur allowed him to add another Championship to his list of accolades. The win was worth $10,213, and they also picked up the Gelding Championship for $2,576. 

Those titles were especially noteworthy for Langston, because his lifetime earnings have now been pushed past the $100,000 mark.

“I was unsure of the whole thing because of where I drew and how the cows were going to be. I am just thankful [this worked out]. I was hoping they weren’t all dead by the time I got in there. I would have been more nervous if I were first. But being last and knowing what I needed to mark and what cows were left made me more comfortable.”

“He definitely has a special place in my heart,” Langston said. “We are going to Vegas and then the Derby.”

Lica Pinkston & Stylish Top Brow

Lica Pinkston also had an impressive ride on Stylish Top Brow (by High Brow CD), which earned them a 221, the Reserve Championship and the Senior Championship, worth a total of $11,836.

Colby Lane Perry and Rodger Rabbit (by Cats Full Moon) took home third-place honors and $6,974 after marking a 217.5.

Congrats to all of the finalists from the Cutting Horse Central team!





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