Happy Birthday Buster Welch

Author: Lauren Middleton

Happy Birthday Buster Welch

On Saturday evening we celebrated the 90th birthday of a legend, or rather the legend of the cutting horse industry, Buster Welch. It was a beautiful evening full of family, friends, and amazing stories about this iconic man. He has impacted so many people throughout his life and seeing it first hand is humbling along with being inspiring.

Buster Welch not only helped shape the cutting horse industry we know today but he will continue to shape cowboys for years to come. The stories told through the evening were only a small glimpse into the man that he is, but we left the celebration with smiles on our faces knowing that the rest of his life has been nothing short of extraordinary. Buster’s positivity and hard work has been the key to the impact he has made on people’s lives. When talking to him you just want to be better and to be a quarter of the amazing man that is Buster Welch. No matter if you have known him his entire life or just met him he is someone you will never forget.

There are people in this life that touch your heart no matter how brief their presence in it, and Buster is one of those individuals for so many. We want to thank him again for everything, for the sport that we all love, for the preservation of the way of life of a true cowboy, and for the smiles that he has brought to so many throughout the years. Buster is one of a kind and we are looking forward to many more memories made by this incredible man! Happy Birthday Buster from all of us here at Cutting Horse Central!

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