NCHA Releases Chuck Smith

Author: Alex Taft

NCHA Releases Chuck Smith

It was announced at the start of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Annual Convention on June 1, 2018, that the NCHA's Executive Director Chuck Smith was let go.   Chuck was relieved from his responsibilities immediately, and the NCHA is now in search of a replacement.   

Chuck began his role as NCHA Executive Director about two years ago, following Jim Bret Campbell's term, and he will maintain his status as NCHA Director at-Large for his region.   During the NCHA's time hunting for the perfect permanent candidate, current NCHA President Lewis Wray will take on Executive Director duties. Lewis' reign as President will end Sunday, and Phil Rapp will take over the position.  

The NCHA is optimistic about the adjustments being made in the association, and they are hoping the cutting industry will only continue to move in a positive direction.  

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