Dream Big

Author: Lauren Middleton

Dream Big

There are so many things that make the sport of Cutting unique. The list goes on and on but what are some things that really mean the most to us? It depends on the person, the goals, and the program but it is safe to say that more often than not we can at least relate to the things that mean the most to each person.

We wanted to focus on one of the hardest but most rewarding aspects of the equine industry and that is raising these amazing animals. There are many hopes and dreams for every one of these little miracles as soon as they hit the ground each Spring. These dreams along with the thought process that went into making these soon to be Champions in our minds, get us feeling pretty attached to them from the start. It is hard to believe that the now clumsy and playful foals will at some point mesmerize us with their elegance and athleticism. The thought put into each baby makes it that much more special in the long run when it does work out. They are either our kids for all intents and purposes or a source of great pride when we see them succeed coming out of a well-managed program. No matter how a program is run whether it be strictly business minded or you keep every foal that you ever create, you cannot deny that warm fuzzy feeling you get when one of them crosses the timeline.

Laura Fenimore and her home bred mare Reymaniscent

All this being said, what exactly goes into raising these equine athletes? There is first the thought put into the breeding. Who do you want to cross your great mare or stallion on and why? Even before that, what makes this particular horse special that you would want to carry on their bloodlines? Most people thinking of getting involved in this area of the sport do their homework. They research which crosses have worked historically, they think about the market because let’s face it, it is all expensive! They talk to trainers and ask advice on different crosses and what to expect from each one. Last but not least to tap into the superficial side of things, what will cross on your horse that will produce something pleasing to the eye in and out of the show pen! As many people have said throughout the years, life is just too short for an ugly horse. Then again, we have also heard “Pretty is as pretty does” quite often as well. These are all things to take into account and think about before taking the leap into the deep end that is the breeding business.

Megan Miller and her home bred mare Carolena Reyn

The thought of trying to figure all of these things out is probably daunting to some, but to others it is a challenge, a puzzle if you will. It adds a whole other level of interest to the sport along with a huge challenge. Cutting itself is hard enough with all of the variables it has to offer why would we want to add more to it? The exact answer to that is hard to pinpoint but for those that are eaten up with the industry it gives us more to study and more goals to set. Might as well be all in if we are going to do it!

Paula Wood and their home bred stallion Cool N Hot

There are some that are in it for the end result and want to buy a finished product which is a perfect way to be a part of the sport as well but they end up with these horses because of the dreamers. The crazy ones that are “all in”, that see it through from beginning to end are entrepreneurs of Cutting. When you throw your leg over your amazing animals think about where they came from, think about who had the vision for what that horse could be one day. This thought process might give you a few warm fuzzies that might not have been something you have experienced before. This also might make each rider that much prouder of the opportunity to walk to the herd. To all of the breeders out there keep dreaming big and enjoy this time of year full of beginnings. The little bundles of joy in your green pastures will one day be gracing the perfect sand while we hold our breath waiting for history to be made!

Codie Green and her home bred gelding Roudini

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