Tips & Tricks: Get More Clicks on Your Sale Listings

Author: Alex Taft

Tips & Tricks: Get More Clicks on Your Sale Listings

When it comes to putting your horses up for sale, you want to give them every opportunity to be seen. You may have the best prospect or show horse on the market, but the horse is only valuable if the ad is opened by prospective buyers. While professional sale horse photos are invaluable, you can still put together photos on your own that can show off your horse’s best qualities. There are a few basic tips ands tricks that can help you get the most out of your ad.

Taking the time to get a good photo of your sale horse can pay off in a big way with a buyer for your cutter. • Photo by Faith Skinner


Grab a buddy! It’s difficult to get adequate sale photos on your own.

Groom your horse! Some buyers don’t know what your horse looks like at its best, so show them

Pick a good time of day! The “golden hours,” during the early morning or evening, when the sun is low can help give everything a golden light instead of harsh shadows.

Use clean, well-fitted tack! You don’t want a dirty halter or bridle to cause your photos to look messy or rushed. A well-fitted halter can make your horse’s head look more attractive, contributing to a better overall picture.

Choose a good background! Objects in the background of your photo will distract from your horse. Level ground is the best ground to take photos, because it gives viewers the most accurate representation of your horse’s conformation.

Ears up! It is important to get your horse’s ears up for a positive expression. Think of this like us smiling for a photo. It helps paint a better picture and give your horse a friendly expression.

Set up is everything! Even the best built horse can look below average if its legs, neck, head and body are in awkward positions. A photo directly from the side is usually a sought-after angle. Try to keep your horse’s legs, neck, head and body as straight as possible. *See photo

Variety is good! Including a good headshot, photos of legs or hind end is always welcomed by viewers. After all, someone may be willing to spend the time and money to invest in your horse. You want to show off all of your horse’s best attributes!

The photo on the left is an example of a sale photo with plenty of background clutter, and the horse is in an unattractive position on top of being ungroomed. The photo on the right is an example of a sale photo that is well thought out and shows the horse standing correctly and in front of a blank background. In addition, the horse is well groomed and in pleasant lighting. • Right photo by Faith Skinner


• Standing closer to your horse’s hind end when taking a photo from the side can help give your horse the appearance of a stronger hind quarter.

• Taking a three-quarter angle shot can give your horse the appearance of a shorter, stronger back while also giving buyers a clear shot of the fronts of legs. *See photo

• Include videos when possible! The first question a prospective buyer will likely ask is if you have video to share.

Providing photos showing a variety of angles can help give a buyer a better idea of a horse's overall appearance. • Photos by Faith Skinner


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