NCHA Mercuria World Series of Cutting In Las Vegas

Author: Lauren Middleton

NCHA Mercuria World Series of Cutting In Las Vegas

The NCHA Mercuria World Series of Cutting events are always a highlight of the shows they are a part of and the 2018 PCCHA Core Balance Derby was no different. Mercuria Energy has changed the face of the hauling side of things in this industry and for that we are forever grateful. It is special to get to show these older horses in a setting in which they are in the spotlight and have a chance to win a big check after their aged event careers. There are some that show their younger horses as well, for another way to showcase their talents but either way it is a ton of fun!

Non Pro

In the Non-Pro Division, it was a unique evening. There was not one Champion, not two Champions, but THREE Champions! Elizabeth Quirk riding Cat Sheree (High Brow CD), Bill Cowan riding Billies Catty (Catty Hawk), and Jill Roth riding Bea Pure Cat (High Brow Cat x Mae Bea Marie) all marking a 224 and receiving a $8,219 check. Each run was just as great as the next making it hard to give the title to just one team. This impacted the standings quite a bit as well getting each rider one step closer to the World Finals to be held in December!

Elizabeth Quirk and Cat Sheree

Bill Cowan and Billies Catty

Jill Roth and Bea Pure Cat


In the Open it was Geoffery Sheehan and Cromed Out Cat (High Brow Cat) that started off the finals with a bang marking a huge 229 on two cows! They had an unbelievable amount of working time and it was action packed from start to finish. This mare has been a standout competitor from the beginning of her career and her success is to be expected. No matter what though, a run like that even if anticipated, is nothing short of amazing! If you love the sport of cutting that was a run that will forever be one you remember. They collected an impressive $9,025.33 for owners Beechfork Ranch along with their very first Mercuria win!

Geoffery Sheehan and Cromed Out Cat

Reserve Champion was Grant Setnicka and Ichis My Choice (Cat Ichi x My Little Abra), owned by J5 Horse Ranch Management, marking a 223.5 finishing out the evening. They took home a $7,620.27 check. This is not their first title for one of these events but it is always fun to see this duo when they get a chance to show off their talents. There are some that just click and these two come to mind when you think of great pairs over the years.

Grant Setnicka and Ichis My Choice

Once again it was a fun evening for all involved from the amazing horses and riders we got to watch, to the music and commentary provided by Dru Stewart. The PCCHA makes everything special but Mercuria Energy puts the icing on the cake! We look forward to the next leg of the World Series at the Calgary Stampede!

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