CHC/NYCHA Youth Clinic Info

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CHC/NYCHA Youth Clinic Info

The CHC/NYCHA Youth Clinic has been scheduled for Sunday, July 22, during the NCHA Summer Spectacular. The clinic is free to all NYCHA members and will give participants an inside look at several aspects of the cutting industry. Not only will they get to ride and be coached by some of CHC's great trainers, but they will also hear from NCHA Judges themselves about scoring runs and actually get to judge a live cutting demonstration!!

Some main clinic features include:

• Youth Judges Clinic hosted by NCHA Monitor judge Andy Adams. Kids will learn what the judges are looking for and get to judge a live cutting.

• Top NCHA Trainers will be giving showmanship tips on how to improve your score and a pop quiz to test your knowledge with special prizes.

• Lunch sponsored by Clarke Butte Ranch will be offered

• After lunch the kids will get to go saddle their own horses and bring them into the arena to get coached by some of our CHC Trainers on how to work the flag and practice their cuts on cattle.

There will be plenty of prizes and fun. Don't miss out!

Please contact Mark Michels at or 940.328.2550 for more info!

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