Amateurs All Smiles At The Summer Spectacular

Author: Lauren Middleton

Amateurs All Smiles At The Summer Spectacular

The Amateur competition at the 2018 Metallic Cat NCHA Summer Spectacular was one of the largest yet in the big pen! There has been a total of seven days that have been predominately Amateur cutting, which means a big group of people having a great time doing something that they love!

There is something to be said about people doing this for their livelihood, but what about those who do this purely for fun? Cutting holds a special place in all of our hearts but at times we lose sight of the fun in the midst of the long nights and early mornings! These amateur riders remind us of that fun and warm our hearts supporting each other in times of victory and in times of defeat.

$50,000 Derby Amateur

In the $50,000 Derby Amateur Cash Carpenter rode a mare that his family bred and raised, Iggy Katzalea (Kit Kat Sugar x Smart Sandhill Kay) marking a 218 to take home the $5,298 Champion’s check! Cash went in thinking to just have fun. Finals are what you strive for, so he wanted to enjoy it! His mare was trained by Michael Baker and always tries her hardest in any situation. Michael also focuses on Cash having fun which, as said before, is refreshing to see riders taking it all in and fully enjoying this unique sport!

Cash Carpenter and Iggy Katzalea

Reserve Champion was Kristin Morias riding Wherever I May Roan (Metallic Cat x Shesa Funky Monkey) winning $5,088.

Kristin Morias Wherever I May Roan

Senior Division Champion in the $50,000 Derby Amateur was Gayle Trotter riding CDs Hickory High (High Brow CD x Hickory Indian High) marking a 214.

Gayle Trotter and CDs Hickory High

Gelding Division Champion was MJ Hesa Foxie Cat (Bet Hesa Cat x Foxie Boonlight) ridden by Mark Johnson also marking a 214.

Mark Johnson and MJ Hesa Foxie Cat

$50,000 Classic Amateur

Next to go was the $50,000 Classic Amateur where “boy wonder” Langston Patillio struck again on his trusty gelding High Stylin CD (High Brow CD x Stylin Playgirl) marking a huge 223 to take home $8,367 along with the win! Langston has won in excess of $90,000 this year as of now and shows no signs of stopping! “Jones” has turned into a once-in-a-lifetime horse for the Pattillo family, and Langston feels like he can do just about anything on him! This proved to be true yesterday when not once but twice a cow literally ran into the duo and they kept powering through despite the challenge! Langston plans to continue showing Jones along with his other show horses this year and see where the road may take him. But no matter what happens the rest of the show season, it has been a year to remember.

Langston Pattillo and High Stylin CD

Reserve Champion was Taylor Worley marking a 221 aboard Blizkat (Metallic Cat x Suggie Badger) collecting a formidable $8,004 check!

Taylor Worley and Blizkat

The Senior Division Champion was Hilary Watson riding Iridescent Cat (Catty Hawk x Smart Lookin Hi Brow). They marked a 218.5 to claim the title along with the $7,641 third-place overall check.

Hilary Watson and Iridescent Cat

Derby Unlimited Amateur

The third class to go in the day of Amateur Finals was the Derby Unlimited Amateur where Isidro Sigala had a day to remember! He marked a 216.5 riding his gelding Smooth Safari Cat (Smooth As A Cat x Safari Fever). They took home a nice $8,465 check for the win, and if that was not enough, he also finished third on his other finalist See Ya At Cadillacs (Sigala Rey x I C Hi Stars) marking a 215.5 to collect another $7,762. As always, the competitors from Venezuela support each other and they all have a huge cheering section! This finals was no different and Isidro had great friends surrounding him to celebrate his win. He attributes a great deal of his success to trainer Lee Francois who could not be happier for Isidro’s win, as well! The gelding, Smooth Safari Cat is special to the Sigala family in that he is out of the great Safari Fever who also produced one of the prominent mares in their breeding program, Sofie Rey. There are several reasons this win brought out all of the warm and fuzzies for this amazing group of people. They are truly an asset to our sport today.

Isidro Sigala and Smooth Safari Cat

Reserve Champion was John Rockey riding Dureyngo Kid (Reys Dual Badger x Hissy Cat) marking a 216. They received a $8,113 check along with the Senior Division Championship title, as well! These two have had an amazing year thus far making it to the winner's circle several times already with still half of the show season to go!

John Rockey and Dureyngo Kid

The Gelding Division Champion in the Derby Unlimited Amateur was James One Five (High Brow CD x Betsy Lena Star) ridden by Billy Atwood.

Billy Atwood and James One Five

Classic Unlimited Amateur 

The final Amateur class to go was the Classic Unlimited Amateur.  Langston Pattillo and High Stylin CD (High Brow CD x Stylin Playgirl) started this morning out right marking a 222.5 for the win!  They collected another $8,857 to add to their already amazing show!  This is Langston's third win in the Will Rogers Coliseum this year and all with "Jones", the little gelding with lots of heart!  As said before, they seem to be unstoppable and so much fun to watch.  There are just some horses that "fit" certain riders, and these two are perfect together.  Langston plans to give Jones a little break after this show but said that he really does not take much to get dialed in to show.  He loves his job. When asked how he came along so quickly in this sport he just said "If you knew my dad you would understand!"  This family is one we admire in the industry and they back Langston's passion 110%.  Another wonderful aspect of cutting is how it brings families together! 

Langston Pattillo and High Stylin CD

The Reserve Championship was split three ways between Carol Ward riding Lil Lou Rey (Dual Rey x Lil Dulce Lou), Danny Jones riding Play Miss Boonsmal (Peptoboonsmal x Play Miss), and Janet Trefethen riding Hissylicious (Halreycious x Hissy Cat) all marking a 218.  All three duos collected a $8,504 along with splitting the Senior Division Championship!

Carol Ward Lil Lou Rey

Danny Jones and Play Miss Boonsmal

Janet Trefethen and Hissylicious

With the Amateur now coming to a close at the 2018 Metallic Cat NCHA Summer Spectacular, we refelct on how important the Amateur Division is to the sport of cutting.  Not only are they a driving force but also they remind us of the little victories and keep the fun alive when sometimes this industry can be quite humbling.  Thank you Amateurs for reminding us all of how much we love cutting!

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