California Dreamin

Author: Lauren Middleton

California Dreamin

The El Rancho Futurity and Fiesta needs to be on everyone’s bucket list if you show cutting horses! It is a unique experience and often one of the shows that everyone looks forward to each year. Owner and Producer Carol Ward goes above and beyond to make the entire show fun with special events, a great atmosphere, and a feeling you can only get at this show. There is something for everyone and this year was no exception!

Futurity Open

In the Futurity Open Matt Gaines continued his exceptional fall futurity season by both Champion and Reserve Champion of the class! Matt rode Desires Bo Monkey, owned by James Vangilder, marking a 222 to claim the Championship and the $12,000 Champion’s check! They also claimed the Gelding Division Championship collecting $661.50 along with their additional title.

Matt Gaines and Desires Bo Bunny

Matt was Reserve Champion aboard CDs Kual Gun (High Brow CD x Kual Gun), also owned by James Vangilder, marking a 219 to add the $10,500 Reserve Champion’s check to their great evening.

Matt Gaines and Cds Kual Gun

Recipient of the Jerry Ward Incentive was Smooth Lil Shady (Smooth As A Cat), owned by the Fazenda Barrinha Corporation and ridden by Adan Banuelos. They marked a 215.5 in the finals to collected the $2,500 Champion’s check.

Adan Banuelos and Smooth Lil Shady

Intermediate Futurity Open

Salvador Cabral and Secreytariat (Sigala Rey) topped the Intermediate Futurity Open Finals marking a 220 collecting a $3,500 check!

Salvador Cabral and Secreytariat

Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Futurity Open was Tosten Peterson and Cats Merada Boon, owned by the Cowan Ranch LLC. They marked a 218 to claim the $3,000 Reserve Champion’s check.

Futurity Non Pro

In the Futurity Non-Pro, it was Katie Fonsen Young and Pocket Change that went home with the win! They marked a 150 to claim the formidable $6,117 Champion’s check. They were also the recipients of the Jerry Ward Incentive adding another $2,500 to their earnings plus an additional $367.50 for being the Gelding Division Champions as well!

Katie Fonsen Young Futurity Non Pro Champion

Reserve Champion in the Futurity Non-Pro was Steve Bates riding Hesa Cool Black Cat. They marked a 148 to take home the $4,500 check.

Steve Bates Futurity Non Pro Reserve Champion

Futurity Amateur

Kathy Germany and Dual Run Run topped the field in the $50,000 Amateur Futurity marking a 212. They collected $2,457.87 for the win!

Kathy Germany $50,000 Amateur Futurity Champion

Reserve Champion was Robert Thigpen riding Looks Metallic (Metallic Cat). They marked a 211 to take home $1,725.74.

Robert Thigpen $50,000 Amateur Futurity Reserve Champion

Derby Non Pro

Bill Cowan and Catty Minx (Catty Hawk) claimed the Championship in the Derby Non-Pro marking a 225! They took home a $5,800 check to start of Bill’s very memorable week in Rancho as it was the first of three wins for him!

Bill Cowan Derby Non Pro Champion

Reserve Champion was Elizabeth Quirk riding Catillac Reys (Metallic Cat x Tootsie Rey) marking a 222 to collect $4,622. They also were the Gelding Division Champions adding another $518.18 to their earnings for the day.

Derby Limited Non Pro

Derby Limited Non Pro Champion was Bear Davis riding My Beach My Wave (Metallic Cat) marking a 216 winning $2,067.30.

Bear Davis Derby Limited Non Pro Champion

Reserve Champion in the Derby Limited Non Pro was Melinda Mantano riding Stylish Lil Lola.  They marked a 213 to collect the $889.10 Reserve Champion's check.

Melinda Mantano Derby Limited Non Pro Reserve Champion

Derby Unlimited Amateur

Brenda Higbee and Driving Miss Roxy were the Derby Unlimited Amateur Champions marking a 213. They received a $2,500 check to go along with their win!

Brenda Higbee and Driving Miss Roxy

Reserve Champion was Michelle Barnes and Keefer (Cats Merada x Keechi Pep) marking a 209 to collect a $2,120 check.

Michelle Barnes and Keefer

Derby $50,000 Amateur 

Kim Davis and Rockin KW (Rockin W) marked a 219 to top the $50,000 Amateur Derby Championship receiving a $2,250 Champion’s check.

Kim Davis $50,000 Amateur Derby Champion

Reserve Champion was Bobbie Kay Davis marking a 218.5 aboard RN Starlights Cat adding $1,888.50 to their earnings.

Bobbie Kay Davis $50,000 Amateur Reserve Champion

Classic Non Pro

Classic Non-Pro Champion was Bill Cowan riding Catty Bluz (Catty Hawk x Little Bonnie Blue) marking a 224. They collected a $5,000 check to add to his week in Rancho! They were also the Gelding Division Champions adding another $588.00 to their earnings.

Bill Cowan and Catty Bluz

Reserve Champion was Jeff Barnes riding Princess Pandora Cat. The duo marked a 220 to take home the $4,000 check.

Jeff Barnes and Princess Pandora Cat

The Senior Division Champion in the Classic Non-Pro was Bonnie Martin riding Autumn Rey. They received a $441.00 check for their efforts.

Classic Limited Non Pro

The Classic Limited Non-Pro Champion was Karen Brody riding Smooth Catolena (Smooth As A Cat) marking a 213. They took home a $2,715.45 check for their win!

Reserve Co Champions in the Classic Limited Non-Pro was Julie Sandford riding Metallicexpectations (Metallic Cat) along with Lisa McDowell riding Peppermints Patty, marking a 212. They each received a $2,036.59 check.

Classic Unlimited Amateur

James Vangilder and Smooth Sailing Cat (Smooth As A Cat) marked a 220 to claim the Classic Unlimited Amateur Championship and a $2,000 check.

James Vangilder Classic Unlimited Amateur Champion

Reserve Champion of the Classic Unlimited Amateur was Julie Clark and Betchalou marking a 216.5 to receive a $1,750 check.

Julie Clark Classic Unlimited Amateur Reserve Champion

Classic $50,000 Amateur

John Rockey and Medal For Honor (Metallic Cat) marked a 219 to top the $50,000 Classic Amateur and take home a $2,100 check.

John Rockey $50,000 Classic Amateur Champion

Reserve Champion was Regan Glenn marking a 213 aboard TF Cats Remedy collecting a $1,950 check.

It was a big week in Rancho with many Champions crowned! Congratulations to all of the Finalists from all of us here at Cutting Horse Central! We are looking forward to the 2018 Brazos Bash coming up next on our agenda beginning September 19th. It is never a dull moment in this sport and we are grateful for the memories we make at each and every one of these shows throughout the year!

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