Payne, Wood, and Galyean Wow Us at the Brazos Bash

Author: Lauren Middleton

Payne, Wood, and Galyean Wow Us at the Brazos Bash

We can always count on big scores and memorable runs each year at the Brazos Bash! It is notoriously a challenging cutting but it always opens the door for these horses and riders to really show us what they can do. Last night in the Classic and Derby Open Finals we were not disappointed!

Derby Open

In the Derby Open two horses that we have watched throughout the year rose to the top! They each had very different runs but both just as impressive as the other. Kobie Wood rode Cool N Hot (Hottish x Donas Cool Cat) and Beau Galyean rode Rollz Royce (Dual Smart Rey x Show Biz Kitty), owned by Thomas Guinn to a Co- Championship both marking a standout 225! They both received $19,000 for their win!

As said before their runs were each very different. Both duos were in the second set with everyone anticipating their turn in the showpen. When Kobie walks to the herd aboard he and his wife Paula’s young stallion, you know something big is going to happen, especially in a finals. Kobie is known for being gutsy but seems to be very smart at the same time while we sit on the edge of our seats anticipating what they will do next. This run was tough and “Trigger” was able to show off his quickness and athleticism while Kobie made nearly perfect cuts to set him up the right way!

Kobie Wood and Cool N Hot

Beau was last in the set on “Royce” and you honestly never know what amazing thing this horse will do next. His unorthodox way of working draws you in and you cannot help but smile or even get goosebumps not many horses can do what he can do. This duo likes to draw a cow in which seems almost easy because honestly, we think the cow gets just as mesmerized by what is going on in the show pen as we do! Beau knows how to build a run on this horse knowing what he needs to show off his abilities. As Royce dropped to his knees time a time again throughout the run we were drawn in, it is truly amazing what these horses can do!

Beau Galyean and Rollz Royce

Third Place was Cullen Chartier riding One Alley Cat (High Brow Cat x Nod N Smile Baby), owned by Tom and Hilary Watson marking a 221. These two have had a great deal of success the past few shows making several finals and adding a few titles to their list of accomplishments. They took home a $16,000 check.

Cullen Chartier and One Alley Cat

The Gelding Division Champion was Secrets CD, owned by Cows and Horses Etc., ridden by Tatum Rice marking a 219. They collected a $3,332 check to go along with the $11,000 check that they won in the finals!

Tatum Rice and Secrets CD

The Limited Division Champion in the Derby Open was Justin Chalmers riding Hott Heels (Hottish x Miss Pepto In Stilettos), owned by Jackie Davidson, claiming a $1,646.40 check.

Justin Chalmers and Hott Heels

Classic Open

In the Classic Open it was James Payne and the stallion that has been on fire as of late, PG Heavily Armed (Playgun x Not Quite An Acre), owned by Michael and Brenda Armstrong, marking a 227 last to go in the first set! “Bay” fits James and his style perfectly with his huge stops and quick moves across the cow. James knows he can ask this horse for everything he has each time and he will be right there for him ready for the challenge. This is one six-year-old that we are sad to see age out this year and we are cherishing each time we get to watch him! Their run last night was a signature run for this duo when you thought he could not stop any harder he did, when you thought it could not get any better it did, they are fun to watch every time. This win added another $20,000 to their earnings and another title to their already extensive list!

James Payne and PG Heavily Armed

Reserve Champion was Tarin Rice and CR Gotcha Covered (Dual Boon x The Cattac), owned by Joel Colgrove, marking a 223.5 collecting $17,000! This is another six-year-old stallion that we have loved to watch throughout his career and we are excited to see what the future has in store for him!

Tarin Rice and CR Gotcha Covered

The Gelding Division Champion in the Classic Open was Ripping Ichi (Cat Ichi), owned by EJ and Audrey Huntley, ridden by Michael Cooper. The duo marked a 222 to collect $2,940 for the win to go along with their $11,323.30 finals check.

Michael Cooper and Ripping Ichi

The Limited Division Champion in the Classic Open was Brett McGlothlin riding Somethingtobelievein (Hydrive Cat x Playin T Etta) taking home the $940.80 Champion’s check.

Brett McGlothlin and Somethingtobelievein

It is now the Non-Pro’s turn here at the 2018 Brazos Bash! Good luck to everyone and congratulations once again to all of the Champions and finalists from all of us here at Cutting Horse Central!

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