CHC Trainer Spotlight with Chris Johnsrud

Author: Mark Michels

CHC Trainer Spotlight with Chris Johnsrud

We recently stopped by Chris Johnsrud Cutting Horses as part of our CHC Trainer Spotlight to talk to Chris and learn more about how he got his start in cutting and allowed him to make a career out of training cutting horses. Chris and his wife Megan recently purchased their own training facilities in Weatherford, Texas and he mentions what Amateurs, Non Pro's and owners can expect when they join his program.

We'd like to thank Lance Cooper for his help with these very entertaining interviews....

Chris agreed to participate in our brand new "CHC Rapid Fire Questions" series which we hope will let you get to know the personal side of some of these top cutting horse trainers. Some of the answers might surprise you....


For more information you can visit his CHC Trainer Profile at- Chris Johnsrud Cutting Horses

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