"Turnback Tuesday" Sampson

Author: Lacy Tucker

Hey everybody, hope you all are having a great 2018 so far. We've decided to head up a series of "Turnback Tuesday" articles. Where we highlight one Turnback horse and tell their story. How they might have fallen through the cracks as a show horse or maybe just out of the blue showed up and became the best all around stick on the place!
For our first Turnback Tuesday, I decided to tell you all about a cute little bay gelding I know named Sampson. Who originally was born and raised on Morgan Cromer's ranch in Templeton, California. He was a quick favorite for the Cromer's. Sampson's registered name was originally "Totes Magoats" and was later changed to "Im Toting Checks". As a yearling Sampson became very ill and almost underwent colic surgery, he ended up going without, but it was a close call, the Cromer's say.


As a two year old the colt was cleaning up in the cutting pen but apparently Sampson had a bad run in with a mean old rooster out at Luke and Kelli Neubert's place. Story goes that this rooster would torment him and knew just how to push the little guy's buttons. It turns out the pretty little bay ended up being scared of cows, even getting close to the herd freaks the poor feller out. So it was then decided, Sampson was going to be the new turnback horse! I got to swing my leg over Sampson a number of times and he was always so much fun. Just a good hearted horse. Later the Cromer's sold Sampson to Monty Buntin, whom had totally fallen in love with him and all of his silly quirks. Tessa Buntin tells me Sampson is part of the family at the Buntin Barn and even when he's far too fresh in the practice pen, running sideways from the herd they can't help but laugh and love him that much more.


The Buntin's say he gets all of the special treatments! Chiropractic attention, the ice machine and even gets some of the best veterinarian attention in the country from Marty Gardiner! You name it, he gets it. He is rightfully so, very spoiled Tessa says. The Buntin's are always creative, clever and never hesitant to rise to the occasion when an opportunity to dress up comes along. Some of you might have had the chance to see Sampson and Monty's personalities shine during the CHC Trainers Charity Barrel Race held during the 2017 NCHA Futurity!


The event raised over $10,000 to go to The Caring Cutters Fund and everyone had a blast, especially The Grinch and his noble Reindeer! A huge thank you to The Buntin's and The Cromer clan for sharing your stories about this sweet bay boy for our first “Turnback Tuesday” !

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