Pee Wee's Turnback Tuesday

Author: Lacy Tucker

Pee Wee's Turnback Tuesday

They say love is blind, and today that phrase couldn’t be more fitting for our featured Turnback Tuesday horse, PeeWee. Owned by Casey, Codie and Preslie Green.

Our story starts with Peewee’s early days, born with congenital cataracts, Peewee underwent surgery at CSU. Originally trained and shown by Matt Miller, Peewee was a Semi-finalist at the NCHA Futurity and was doing well as a show horse.

July of his 4 year old year, Peewee went to live with the Green family, where he went on to keep showing competitively. After winning $85,000, they decided to retire the sweet boy during the Summer Show of his 6 year old year because his cataracts had progressed much faster than anticipated.

Casey then started using him to turnback and later proved himself worthy as Preslie’s show horse as well! Because of his eye sight, Peewee tends to spook every so often, except when a kiddo is on his back. He knows exactly how to take care of his rider.

Today Casey still uses him at the prestigious Fort Worth events but most days he lives the good life out with Buckaroo Boon and The Cuteness. “PeeWee is always everyone’s go to horse if Casey isn’t helping the same person. And Most of the time one of the guys helping Cas is on PeeWee because they know he’s one of the best. We love how he has taken care of our family time after time weather it’s in the show pen as a show horse, doctoring cattle in the pasture or teaching a kid to ride.” Says Codie.

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