A True Turnback Teddy Bear, Frank

Author: Lacy Tucker

A True Turnback Teddy Bear, Frank

Ladies and Gentleman, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the backbone of the Cromer barn, (drum roll please..) Jazzys Genuine Pepto AKA; FRANK THE TANK! A 12-year-old roan gelding with the heart of a lion and the companionship that will last forever and a day!

Frank Cromer

This old boy is part of the Cromer family and has made them smile on the daily with his quirkiness and loyalty. “Frank has a great personality and has countless stories!” Morg says. Frank came into the picture when Morgan was training and showing him as a 3-year-old for Eric Freitas, she says it was quite obvious that he didn’t want to cut, and truth be told, Morgan always wanted a roan turn back horse, so she offered a trade! Morgan ultimately spent some big bucks on the roan fella and had a hard time believing she spent that much money on him, but come to find out, it was easily the best money she ever spent and he proves that to her every day.

Frank is also a charmer with the kiddos, he loves to help the young bucks work the flag and is always a great sport. A great handful of our industry’s future has sat the back of Frank and found great happiness and comfort there. That is huge.

Morgan and her Niece Bea Cromer

Tarin Rivas turning back on Frank at Holy Cow in Texas

Frank and Talon Coates

Despite being today's turn back teddy bear, Morgan says Frank wasn’t so gentle in the beginning. “He was spooky, he’s never been fond of horseshoers, and has never had a pair of hind shoes put on.” She says. At a young age, Frank got caught in a cable fence and had to be doctored daily for what seemed like forever. Patti, Morgan’s mom took great care of him during that time. “He loves her, and I’m not quite sure how many cookies they went through together, but it was a lot!” Morgan says.

Frank has a funny side too, I guess all the best ones do though, don’t they!? Although it’s a short list, Morgan’s list of “What NOT to do with Frank” consisted of these little tips and tricks; 1. Never try to catch Frank in the dark with a flashlight and without grain! 2. When you swing your leg over, don’t lean forward right away, or else he’ll pick up his head and knock your cowboy hat clean off. 3. Never underestimate the power of cookies at breakfast.

After having Frank by Cromer’s side for a few years, Morgan realized she was getting asked to help a lot more in the show pen. “When it comes to turning back, it’s really no different than showing, you are always only as good as your horse.” She says. Frank has helped train more horses than Morg says she can count and has helped others win a lot of money in the show pen as well. “He’s the one you run to when you have a tough job to do, and he is definitely my right-hand man,” Morgan says.

Tom Long and Mike Wood along with Morgan in El Rancho

Frank shows great integrity and puts his whole heart along with 220% any time you take him out to use. Morgan tells me, “He is the sweetest horse, and never gives up. He has such a positive personality, you could use Frank all day and he will still perk his ears up when he sees you... I guess that’s what makes him different in my eyes, how smart he is and how he always wants to do right by me, you can almost turn back with your eyes closed on Frank. There are some horses you can never replace and they say you get one great horse and one great dog in your lifetime. I believe I found my great one.”


We love and appreciate you, Frank!

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