Turnback Tuesday Rey Rey

Author: Lauren Middleton

Turnback Tuesday Rey Rey

It is that time again! Time to celebrate the life and read the story behind one of the beloved Turnback horses in the industry. They are the behind the scenes stars of the show and we are excited to showcase yet another one of these unsung heros!

This Turnback Tuesday we are going to talk about Matt Miller's turnback horse, the legendary Rey-Rey. You can spot this guy in a crowd and many trainers are thankful for that. He is one of the favorites to borrow if need be, but more often than not it is he and Matt in the arena.

Matt and Rey Rey a few days into a show!  Photo by James Bankston

Rey Rey is a Dual Pep out of the mare Uno Del Rey. He was originally trained by Tim McCloud and shown in small Futurities by Clint Allen where he made the PCCHA Futurity Finals! He was a decent cutting horse but he had other attributes that showed signs of a great Ranch/Turnback horse. Later, Matt sent him up to the Mecom Ranch in Colorado where they ranched on him and rode in the mountains. A guy by the name of JT that works on the Mecom's ranch started roping on Rey Rey and that is where he shines! He loves it! He is quite a special heel horse, and the Millers have been offered a nice chunk of change for him but he is part of the family! Matt and Megan's daughter Emery and Rey-Rey have a pretty unique bond. He loves her and she learned the majority of her riding skills on him.

Rey Rey and Emery Miller at the BI Kids Cutting

As said before, he is not just a favorite to this special family, but also in the turnback line. He has many fans along with many nicknames from different trainers such as Rey, Darrell, and Roundbale. He can be quirky about some things like prancing back from being in the corner in Fort Worth and walking down to the corner and turning completely on his own. He also has to pee when he is in the corner holding cows more often than not as people walk in to show. He is definitely one of the most important horses to the Millers and will be a part of their family forever!

Rey Rey meeting the Clydesdales at the Ike

There are many stories about this faithful steed and we are sure that there will be many more in the years to come! Rey-Rey is now fifteen but certainly still in his prime. You will see him sporting his roached mane, perfectly cut tail, and shiny coat at every major aged event and captured in the background of the photos of Championship runs. Thank you, Rey Rey, for always being in our corner!

Photo by James Bankston

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