Lil Ears, Big Heart

Author: Lacy Tucker

Lil Ears, Big Heart

Lil Ears, BIG Heart

This Tuesday we bring you a story about a handsome fella, who has the most perfect, petite lil ears, which is why at the barn he goes by “Lil Ears”. At 11 years old, Lil Ears is RL Chartier’s noble and trusty steed.

RL Chartier and Lil Ears photo by James Bankston

The cute gelding was raised by Julie Wrigley and as a 3-year-old, Mica says they knew he wouldn’t really make a cutter because of his size, so Julie gave him to Callie when she was born and he was the first horse Callie ever got to ride with her dad.

RL, Callie, and Lil Ears

While Lil Ears is a good hand smaller than most other turn back horses, he also has a “pony personality”, some days he’s perfect and some days he likes to wear his sassy pants! The Chartiers tell us they have to catch him out of the big pasture the night before they need him or he likes to play hard to get. Sounds to me that some of us gals could take notes and learn a thing or two from Lil Ears!

RL and Tatum Rice picking cows photo by James Bankston

You all might have seen Lil Ears a time or two laying down when he was tied up between turning back because he was a tired boy. (Smart guy) Some other things to add to Lil Ears resume is He was A Little Bossy’s hauling and turnout pal when he was hauled for the world, and Lil Ears moonlights as a barrel horse, which you all might have also had the pleasure of watching at the 2017 CHC Trainers Charity Barrel Race at the NCHA Futurity down in Fort Worth! The picture below says it all!

RL and Lil Ears showing off thier barrel racing skills

Lil Ears is spoiled for sure and hardly ever gets used at home! The Chartiers keep him happy with supplements, stall mats at the shows, and checked by Dr. Molly and injected when and if needed! He lives out in a big pasture when the weather is nice and stays in with his blanket when it’s cold. “Lil Ears is an easy family favorite and although he hasn’t become a kids horse quite yet, he is still our favorite mascot!” Says Mica.

A Little Bossy and Lil Ears best buddies!

Thank you to the Chartier Barn for sharing Lil Ear’s story with us!

RL, Brayden, and Lil Ears

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