Cat Diesel Turnback Tuesday

Author: Lacy Tucker

Cat Diesel Turnback Tuesday

We have all known at least one horse in our lifetime that can divide and conquer in just about anything you ask them to do. While athleticism and breeding have a little to do with that, it really has more to do with how much heart that particular once in a lifetime horse has and how much soul it puts in to the task at hand.

Cat Diesel aka “Diesel” of AB Performance Horses (ABPH) is one among those that divide and conquer.

Diesel, a 2009 model gelding was purchased at the Futurity sale originally for Faith Mountain Ranch but ultimately ended up being a special birthday gift to Tiffani Banuelos, whom he still belongs to. It seemed Diesel was never looked at before the sale but while being worked in the sale, he instantly caught Tiffani’s eye for a few reasons. The most memorable being that nobody was bidding on him which seemed incredibly odd because he was both impressive and out of a mare with LTE of over $160,000. So you can call it luck but maybe it was meant to be that he fell into the Banuelos Barn for only $6,700.

Now, it seems it's still up for debate according to Tiff on how exactly Diesel became Adan’s turnback horse. You see, initially, Adan planned on taking Diesel to The Worlds Greatest Horseman, and although he had started turning back and roping on the gelding for preparation, they haven’t gotten there quite yet… BUT Diesel is still hard at work in the cutting pen, turning back and occasionally running barrels for a good cause!

The Banuelos crew shared with me their fondest memory of Diesel which was when Adan entered Diesel in the Snaffle Bit Futurity only 10 short days before the event took place. Diesel had never been down the fence or rode a pattern, he was purely a cutting horse and a successful one at that! That being said, right after the El Rancho Futurity Finals, Adan set out to Reno, slapped some sliders on Diesel's feet and went on to practice his first lead change, only 3 days before his big NRCHA debut! Lo and behold Diesel and Adan ended up $21,000 richer with a Championship in the Level 1 Limited Open Futurity. Talk about a horse with heart, and a rider to match.

It seems what sets the special gelding apart for Adan’s crew has to be his earnings. Diesel has a combined NCHA and NRCHA earnings of $115,596.23. The outstanding gelding is the third highest combined money earner of those two disciplines.

“Our favorite thing about Diesel has to be his incredible ability to pretend he is not broke, along with his impressive ability to go from turning back one minute to being the best practice horse you can find the next," Adan said. "It seems you would have to pay Diesel in copious amounts of cookies to get him to make a mistake when working the flag even to this day! He is so special, that’s for sure, and a very important part and piece to our program here at ABPH!”

Here’s to you, Diesel! Thanks buddy.

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