Paula Wood Receives Bill Freeman Award

Author: Molly Montag

Paula Wood Receives Bill Freeman Award

(Article shared from QHN)

Non-Pro cutter Paula Wood was honored for her pursuit of excellence with the 2017 Bill Freeman Award.

Wood, who considered the late showman a friend, said she was touched to receive the award given in his name at the 2017 National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity in Fort Worth, Texas.

Paula Wood received the 2017 Bill Freeman Award at the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity. • Hart Photos

“Any time the people you look up to, your peers, [when] they think that much of you to give you something like that, it’s a very humbling experience,” said Wood, an Equi-Stat Elite $2 Million Rider. “I was very taken by it.”

The award honors those who strive for excellence, as Freeman did. It is rotated between a trainer and a non-pro. The 2016 recipient was Equi-Stat Elite $2 Million Grant Setnicka.........

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