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Oswood Stallion Station

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Seller Info Oswood Stallion Station

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Weatherford Texas Texas

United States

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  • Standing Stallions for breeding:
  • Foaling Out Mares
  • Rehabilitation & Exercising:
  • Horses For Sale:
  • Offering mare care and breeding services
  • Horses Boarding:
  • Sale Preparation:

A move to Weatherford, Texas in 2007 and the development of the ultimate performance horse stallion station was the final step in the ladder of success.

The 2018 roster is a reflection of the OSS reputation and dedication to an ideal in horse management.

• Over 40 years of experience in the breeding business
• Designed, developed and manages one of the most technically advanced, state of the art breeding labs in the country
• A proven record of handling some of the greatest stallions in our performance horse industry
• Directed the breeding careers of such stars as: MR GUNSMOKE, DOC’S HICKORY, GRAYS STARLIGHT, TRAVALENA, etc
• Has designed a roster for his OSS that is second to none
• Understands each stallion on the roster is an individual
• Adapts to each stallion in his care and earns their affection in return
• Knows every mare in the foaling barns and checks them daily
• Manages and sale preps many of the top yearling prospect in the country every year


Breeding Manager Jeff Oswood
Office Manager: Nikki Miller & Eva Loukas
Ranch Manager: Jeff Oswood
Stallion Name #1: CD DIAMOND
Stallion Name #2: DOCS HICKORY
Stallion Name #4: DUAL R SMOKIN
Stallion Name #5: GUNNATRASHYA
Stallion Name #6: HICKORY HOLLY TIME
Stallion Name #7: HOTTISH
Stallion Name #8: LATE NIGHT STOPPER
Stallion Name #9 LIKE A DIAMOND
Stallion Name #10: LIL CATBALOO
Stallion Name #11: METELES CAT
Stallion Name #12: ONE TIME PEPTO
Stallion Name #13: ONE TIME ROYALTY
Stallion Name #14: REYS DUAL BADGER
Stallion Name #15: REYZIN THE CASH
Stallion Name #16: TIME FOR THE DIAMOND
Stallion Name #17: WALLA WALLA WHIZ


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