Author: Lauren Chartier


The NCHA is proud to have taken one more huge step forward, in the safety and well-being of the spectacular horses that we show. Former NCHA President Chris Benedict approached Kyle Zanetti, who owns and operates Kyle Zanetti Trailers in Weatherford, Texas, about building a special trailer to assist with transport in the rare event of an injured or sick horse during a show. Kyle Zanetti had many ideas for the project and together with Chris they formed a blueprint to build a custom ambulance trailer. That blueprint came to life and was presented to the NCHA during a ceremony last night at the Great American NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular.

The new trailer will be used at the NCHA Triple Crown events and several other NCHA produced shows throughout the year.  The all-aluminum trailer is designed to be operated by one person if necessary and includes many different features that make it truly one of a kind.  The Polylast floor system makes it easy to clean, to prevent infection, and also provides extra support when going down the road.  The Equine Rescue Glide by CDA Products and Becker sling are designed to make moving the injured horse into the ambulance easier and safer and also preventing any further injury.  The winch operated sling allows the horse to be suspended or can be used to lift either the front or the back end individually if needed.  This alleviates pressure from possible injuries such as fractures.  The compartment in the front of the trailer contains custom manufactured cabinets by C Tech Manufacturing that house a fridge stocked with medications, and it also contains many other necessities that a vet could use in an emergency situation. 

NCHA Ambulance trailer built by Kyle Zanetti Trailers    NCHA Ambulance trailer built by Kyle Zanetti Trailers

The air ride system allows the trailer to lower completely to the ground to assist in loading the injured horse and provides a smoother ride during transport.   The hope for this project is to be better prepared for emergencies and provide immediate possible life saving transport to vet clinics nearby. NCHA anticipates other competitive livestock industries to follow suit. 

Kyle Zanetti Trailers specialize in custom manufactured trailers, aftermarket fabrications, as well as a vast array of repair services. They have recently designed and built one of a kind trailers for some top cutters including Adan Banuelos and John Mitchell.



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