How to shop securely online-

Cutting Horse Central is a safe and secure way to buy and sell products online from the convenience of your office, home or mobile device. The honest and dependable buyers and sellers far outnumber the few crooks out there that try and spoil it for everyone. As we all know this is not limited to the internet and happens in the real world just as much and we all have become more alert and vigilant to spot the difference between an honest and a not so honest ones!
Cutting Horse Central is closely related with the Cutting Horse Industry and many of the business & Services involved but as our database of vendors grows Nationwide we rely on the feedback of our users to regulate any dishonest or inaccurate information about other users. Cutting Horse Central reserves the right to terminate any users account if it is found to be using it in an improper manner to make fraudulent transactions.

Safe Online Transaction Tips-

- Remember the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".
- We encourage our customers to use PayPal which is the leading gateway for online transactions and credit card processing.
- Beware of people offering to overpay you for immediate delivery, wire transfers and cashier’s checks.
- Always make sure the payment has cleared before delivering or shipping your item.
- Get to know a little bit about your buyer or seller, if you are unfamiliar with the person you are dealing with then google and social media are often a great way to find out more about them.
- Make sure and ask lots of questions, photos and videos don't always tell the whole story.
- Avoid dealing with overseas transactions unless you know who you are dealing with.
- If you are purchasing a horse especially one with a significant price tag we advise all our buyers to request a "vet check" before purchasing the horse.
- Do not give out any private information to the buyer or seller.

Cutting Horse Central-

DOES NOT- own or buy any products listed on our website.
DOES NOT- participate in transactions between buyers and sellers in any way.
DOES NOT- offer any "Buyer Protection", "Escrow" services or "Certifications".
DOES NOT- give instructions on how or where to send payments for purchases.
DOES NOT- Offer any delivery or shipping services.
DOES NOT- provide any kind of soundness guarantees for horses or other animals and offers no warranties or guarantees on any other purchases.
DOES NOT- ask for any private or personal information via emails.
Does NOT- store or share any payment or personal information with any third party.

Using PayPal to pay or get paid is simple-

Cutting Horse Central has partnered up with PayPal which is the leading gateway to offer our customers safe and secure online transactions using credit cards or a PayPal account. PayPal is a leader in online payments with over 193 million accounts worldwide and offers the lowest rates with fast access to your account balance. You never have to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands because PayPal does not share any of your private information with anybody.

Top Ten things everybody should know about PayPal

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