Buying & Selling Tips


Seller Tips

Register for a Cutting Horse Central Account- simple and FREE!

Create your listing- step by step instruction provided

Title and description- come up with a catchy title and a great description

Price- be realistic, check what similar items are selling for to get the most leads

Photos and videos- the more the better, make sure they are good quality

Featuring your listing- get more exposure and get seen on our homepage               

Edit your listing- You can edit your details and price at anytime

Pay for your listing- many different safe and secure options to choose from

Find your listing- test your listing and search using relevant keywords      

Increase your sales- answer buyer’s questions promptly for best results

How to sell safely- keeping your information safe and secure


Register for a Cutting Horse Central Account:

Click on register on the top of the “Homepage” and fill out your contact details and choose a username and password. Your user name will be visible on your listing, however all other items are optional to view to the public. You can register for free under the Individual or Pay per listing account or choose from one of the subscription plans that give you the most benefits as a seller

Create your listing:

1. Title- Use the title of your listing to best describe your horse or item for sale to make it stand out and encourage buyers to click on your listing. You should use some important keywords such as age, level of training and maybe a partial pedigree such as sire or dam for horse listings and for items in other categories use keywords such as color, make or size etc.

2. Description- The description is where you can elaborate in more detail about your listing. You can use this area to go into more detail about the specifics of the item you are listing and some back ground. List as many good things about your item as possible and remember to be honest as buyers will be able to give their feedback on your selling history and you want to establish trust with your buyers as you may have a future listing they would be interested in and want them to feel comfortable with your reputation as a seller.

Tips- Keep your description brief and to the point, talk about the best attributes of your item first. Buyers that are browsing a lot of listings tend not to read the whole description if it is long and boring with little important details. Do not use all UPPER CASE letters as this comes across as shouting or aggressive!


Make sure you list a price that will keep your buyers interested enough to click on your ad. Most buyers have a pretty good idea of what something is worth or may be searching for items in a certain price range so keep it real. Generally most items such as horses or used items are negotiable so make sure you mention this in your ad if this price is your rock bottom of if you are open to respectable offers. Everybody loves a deal and if they feel like you are negotiable they may be more enticed to contact you with an offer which is exactly the type of lead you are looking for.

Tips- If you haven’t had an enquiry in a week or two, you should think about possibly adjusting your price or editing the details of your listing.

Photos and videos:

Make sure and include lots of good quality photos and some videos if you have them. Buyers are more likely to click on your ad if you have several photos and even videos of the item you are selling. With the increased popularity in online shopping, most buyers will buy without physically seeing the horse or item if they feel they can see all the things they are most interested in from the photos and video or videos such as looks, size, conformation and even disposition, for this reason having quality photos and video is crucial as the buyer will base their decision on what they see. Quite often the first photo they see that will draw their attention to your listing so make sure you use the best one as your main photo. 

Tips for photographing your horse-

•          Use good quality photos showing the conformation and different angles of your horse ensuring the sun is behind the camera to avoid shadows. Nowadays a smart phone picture is as good as many expensive cameras if done right.

•          When using official show photos make sure you have purchased the rights to these photos or have permission to use them. Many of the Show photographers are listed and use this site and they have very strict copyright rules about using unlicensed photos.

•          For standing shots:

1.         Make sure the horse is standing in a natural correct balanced pose.

2.         Have a clear or solid back ground to make sure the horse is the focus of the photo.

3.         The horses head is slightly raised and ears are forward and alert.

4.         Make sure the whole horse is in the picture and at a good distance to get a clear view of all the features.

5.         Make sure the horse is standing still, most often a picture of a horse in motion will leave a partial or total blurry picture.

How to upload your photo on the site:

There are specific instructions on how to upload your photos on this page. You will be prompted to add new photos after you have put the description, title etc. of your listing.

How to upload your video to your listing -

First upload your video to YouTube, we have included links for easy step by step instructions for uploading from your computer OR mobile device (tablet or phone).Once you have successfully uploaded your video and published it to YouTube you can then click share and copy and paste the link onto your listing. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

For PC or laptop instructions click on link below-

For smart phones or tablets click here-

We only accept videos that are on Youtube already. Simply, copy and paste the URL of the video into the relevant section in the upload process and your video will appear below your photos. If you have more than one video to upload then simply separate the urls with a comma.

Featured listings:

If you want to increase the exposure of your listing and have it seen on the front page of our site in the Featured Listings boxes you can choose to upgrade your ad by making it a “Featured Listing”. This will not only get you seen on our Homepage but also on the Category page for your specific listing.

Edit your listing:

To edit your listing at any time, log into your Cutting Horse Central account and click on My active listings under “My Account” on the left hand side. Then just click on the listing that you want to edit. From here you can make unlimited changes to your listing including price, photos and description.

Pay for your ad:

After you have uploaded your listing and ready to checkout, you will need to choose how you will pay. You can either pay by credit card, PayPal or pre-loaded account balance and you’re your listing go live immediately or you can choose to pay with cash or check and your listing will go live once payment has been received.

Find your listing:

Once you have paid for your listing, it will appear on   The easiest way to find your listing is to click on recently added listings on the site and your listing will be at the top. Alternatively you can click on the relevant category in browse listings, or use the search box on the homepage.

Increase your sales:

Each enquiry is a potential buyer so take the time to answer all enquiries promptly.

  1. Answer emails as quick as possible. You want to be able to answer their question right away before they start looking elsewhere. Studies have shown that after 3 hours, people will make an impression of your business and look elsewhere and the conversion opportunity drops by 47%.
  2. A phone lead is a HOT lead as the caller is in the buying mindset and will most likely be sitting in front of their computer looking at your listing. You have the opportunity to speak to them right there and then. Strike while the iron is hot and make sure you get contact information and reason to contact them in the future.
  3. Remember each enquiry is someone interested in buying an item. If it is not the one they initially enquired about, what else do you have that may interest them?
  4. Ensure you create a potential buyer database. If you can’t help them now, it’s always best practice to give them a courtesy call at a later date as you never know what stage of the buying cycle they may be at.
  5. If you receive an email lead, we recommend that you call the potential buyer as soon as possible. We know from experience that the quicker the response time to enquiries, the more likely the sale.
  6. If you do not get a hold of them the first time, follow up the call with an email and then keep trying as they are expecting some sort of contact from you.

How to sell safely:

1. Secure your Cutting Horse Central account

Ensure only the relevant people have access to your Cutting Horse Central account and keep your password secure, keep any personal information hidden that isn’t relevant to selling your item

2. Answering enquiries

We encourage buyers to ask many questions to ensure you are legitimate, just be wary of buyers asking any inappropriate questions about your personal details.

3. Closing the deal

Always receive payment first before sending the horse or Item to the buyer. Ensure all checks have been cleared and that all funds are in the bank. This will ensure that you don’t lose out of both a beautiful item or horse and the money.


•             Beware of personal checks, it takes a few weeks for your bank to notify you that you deposited a fake check. It’s best to only accept a cashier’s check.

•             Never accept extra payment with complicated excuses.

•             Never send a portion of the money back to the buyer, a shipping agent, or any other person.


Buyer Tips

Find a listingclick on category or link or type the keywords in the detailed search menu

My favoritesKeep track of the listings you are interested in all in one place

Set up an email alertemail alerts notify you of new listings that might interest you

Enquire about a listing- Always contact the seller and ask questions or request more info

How to buy safelyIf it sounds too good to be true it probably is

Scam DefenseDon’t send payment if you are not comfortable with the sellers terms


Find a listing

To search for a specific item or horse, simple click on the category menu on the left side of homepage or you can fill out of the search box with as much or as little detail as required.

My favorites

If you want to be able to keep an eye on a certain listing or set it aside where you can find it easily, you can save it to your favorites list. Simply click on “add to favorites” on the quick options to the right hand side and the listings will be added to your favorite’s list. You can access this list in your Cutting Horse Central account under my favorites.

Set up an email alert

If you are looking for something in particular you can set up an email alert that will notify you when a new listing is added that meets the criteria you are looking for so you can be the first to respond to the listing.

To sign up for email alerts, log into your Cutting Horse Central account and click on email alerts located under my account of the left hand navigation. Then choose the category that you would like to see listings from. You can also choose to only be alerted on new listings that have specific terms within the listing e.g. “3yr. old mare”, “2008 Chevy Silverado”, “Aged Event Gelding” etc.


Enquire about a listing

Once you have found a listing that you are interested in, simply use the “contact seller” button on the listing to send an email to find out more about the listing. If they have left a phone number in the listing, you should also call or text them if it is a cell phone number to ensure they are aware of how interested you are. Remember to leave your name, phone or text number and email address on all enquiries so that they can contact you.


How to buy safely

Here are a few tips to ensuring you don’t get caught in a scam and remain assertive through every stage of the buying process. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a listing, please click on report listing on the bottom left hand navigation or email us at
Keep an eye out for suspect listings

If a listing looks too good to be true, it most likely is. Remember any items or horses that are significantly undervalued are red flags.


1. Contact the seller multiple times

Contact the seller through phone, text or email. If they have only provided an email, ensure you request a phone number too. Have some key questions ready to ask the seller too, remember the more information you get, the more educated decision you can make.


2. Inspect the item

Ideally you can go and inspect the item; however we know that most of the time you won’t be able to. Ensure that you ask for enough photos or videos so you get a good idea on the item, and ask a lot of questions.


3. Get a vet check

Before buying any horse but especially the ones that are priced high, it is ideal to get a vet check so you can be assured the horse is sound. Cutting Horse Central has a directory with local vets or request some suggestions for reputable vets from the seller.


4. Keep a record

Keep a record of contact between yourself and the Seller, that way if anything does go wrong, you have records to back your case up.


Scam defense

Cutting Horse Central is not involved with the actual sale or payment for a listing and does not and will not collect any seller fees from the buyer on behalf of the seller. Beware of scams asking you for payment or personal information regarding a listing.

Avoiding scams is simple - make sure you see the listed item before you buy it. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and if the person refuses to let you see the item in person, don't deal with them. If you notice a suspect listing contact us at

Don't send money to someone you don’t know via:

•             Western Union or MoneyGram

•             Wire transfer

•             PayPal unless they are a verified PayPal member or they have a positive online reputation

Don't fall for fake protection programs.

•             There is no service provided by Cutting Horse Central, which "holds the payment until the item was shipped".

•             There are escrow services out there, but scammers sometimes pretend to be one, so you should research an escrow service and its reputation before using one.

•             Cutting Horse Central does not provide a "Bill of Sale"


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