Placing a Listing

How to place a listing on Cutting Horse Central


Placing your first listing on Cutting Horse Central is easy, just follow these step by step directions and you will have your item live on our website in just minutes.

Once you have registered your account make sure you are logged in by checking the “Welcome” text at the top of any page, it should say your name and if not simply login first.

Click the Sell/ List Your Item button in the Main Menu

Choose the Category you wish to place a listing in.

-The 30 & 60 day Classifieds (Items for sale) are marked with a – in front of them and are just for actual listings for sale.

- To place a Trainer, Ranch or Stallion 12 month listing scroll down to find the Cutting Horse Trainer, Cutting Horse Ranch or Cutting Horse Stallion categories and click the one you need.

- For Businesses and Services 12 month listings scroll down and click the Cutting Horse Services category and a sub category box will then appear where you can select the field that best describes your business. Once you select a Category or Sub Category a form will appear below where you can see the duration of your listing and fill out all the information about your listing.


1. Title- the Name of your business, horse, trainer or brief description of the item you are selling.


2. Description- you can either type in the detailed description of the item you are listing or copy and paste the information from another location or website. You can use the edit tools above to make your listing stand out by changing colors, size and font etc. If you are not familiar with these features they are probably best left alone.


3. Contact and Location information- This information is displayed with the listing and if available will be automatically filled in from your registration form. You can choose to edit & display your email with the listing by clicking “yes” next to the email box. If you wish to add, edit or remove any of the information you can do so here. Depending on the category of your listing some of this information may be required and if left blank you will be asked to add the information before proceeding at checkout.


4. Additional Information- Here you can add the URL or web address ( of your website & Facebook page if you wish to display these with your listing.

-Depending on the category you may also see a “Store listing” option, this is where you can enter the url address of this item for sale on your website or store and will give customers the chance to actually click the More info/ buy now button to find out more or purchase the item directly through your website if you have that option available for this item.


5. Mapping Fields- this is where you can type in the exact Street address, City, State and Zip which will be shown on a Google Map to help people find you. This is an optional field and you can choose to display just a City and State or leave it blank all together if you don’t wish to display this.


6. Image and file upload- (Optional but highly recommended) Here you can select images or files from your computer to display with the listing. Copy and paste one at a time or multiple images at once. You can then add text to each image underneath if you want? Change the order they appear in by clicking on the top of the image and dragging them around to desired order. The first image is the one used as the Thumbnail to display your listing on the browsing or search page.


7. YouTube Video upload- (Optional but recommended if available) Use this section to add YouTube videos to your classified ad. Enter the YouTube URL for each video you want to add, then click Add This Video.  You can find the YouTube video URL by clicking Share button on the video's page (below the video) and copy/pasting the URL listed for sharing. The Youtube video URL will look something like the example below. You may use the full URL or just the video ID portion of the URL (the portion in bold below).

You can change the order by clicking and dragging the top of the video the same way you used to change the order of the images above.


8. Listing Extra Details & Information- This is an optional extra you can add to your listing for more exposure for your listing at an additional charge.

- Title Bolding- will make your Title stand out when browsing all the listings

- Better Placement- will move your add back to the top of the browsing page if it’s been up for a while and is being bumped down by newer listings.

- Featured Listing- this will place your listing in the “Featured Category” at the top of the category page or on the homepage for certain categories. The Featured category section will scroll up to 15 listings at a time and will randomly select between the eligible listings.


9. Preview- Once you have finished adding your listing information you can choose to preview your new listing or simply go to the next step.


10. Next Step- If all your required information is filled out correctly this button will take you to the checkout, if some information has been left out or incorrectly filled in you will be taken back to the listing form and the areas that need to be edited will be shown in red. Once you fix or add the required text you can then click Next Step and proceed to checkout.


11. Add Subscription- If this is your first listing then depending on the group you registered under yo may be asked to add a subscription to your listing? Select the add subscription here and then select the duration.


12. Checkout- at checkout you will be able to select your payment method if you are Paying per Listing or selecting a subscription plan. You can choose to pay by Credit Card or use your account through PayPal and once completed your listing will go live once approved normally within 1 to 24 hours depending on listing type. You can also choose to pay by check or cash and your listing will be approved upon completed payment.

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