Storefront Help

This page is designed to help you set up and customize your store;

1. To begin click Customize in the CONTROL MENU

2. Add your Logo-
Click the Browse button and select the logo or image from your files (only select one) that you want to upload for your store.
- After selecting your logo or image click the Save button lower down the page and wait for the image to load, it may take a few seconds depending on size. Once its loaded the image width and height will be displayed underneath.
- You may now click Preview store to see how your image looks in your store and and if needed you can go back and change the pixel width and height for "Your Storefront" to get the desired size you want.

3. Storefront Name-
- This will automatically use your Company name but you can edit this and name it whatever you want.

4. Welcome Note-
- Here you can add a short welcome note or slogan for your store. You can use the editor to customize the color size and typ of text you want and click Preview store to see how it looks.

5. Categories & Pages-
- Click on Categories & Pages to edit your Home, About Us and Contact pages to display your own details. You can also select which page to use as your Home page and add more pages.
- You can also edit and add your storefront categories and move their display order around by clicking and dragging them to arrange the catories to display however you want.

6. Add Listings-
- Once you have set up your store the next time you add a listing it will ask you which category in your store you want this listed in so that it will automatically be listed under your own custom category.

If you have any questions contact us at

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