Horses for Sale

Title Posted Price Year Sex Sire State
Shes A High Brow7/18/192007MareHigh Brow CatTexas
Spoons Smart Illusion 7/17/194500.002018GeldingLil Spoon Texas
Bama Bear7/17/19$15,0002017GeldingBamacatAlabama
2009 Mare7/17/192009MareHes A PeptospoonsfulTexas
Reserve World Champion 7/16/1930,0002009Gelding High Brow Cougar Texas
Metelic Cat Filly7/14/19$25,0002017mareMeteles CatCalifornia
Metallic Cat Daughter 7/14/19300002016Mare Metallic cat California
DUAL REY MARE7/13/192016MAREDUAL REYCalifornia
One royal valentine 7/13/1912,5002018FillyOne time Royalty Texas
C CAT RAP 2018 Filly7/12/192018MareRAP CATColorado
YOU NEVER GO BACK 2018 c.7/12/192018StallionONCE YOU GO BLACKColorado
RAP ONE TIME 2018 Filly7/12/192018MareRAP CATColorado
ONE TIME ROYALTY FILLY7/12/192019FillyOne Time RoyaltyTexas
San Jo Lena daughter7/11/19$150002006MareSan Jo Lena Texas
SANNSATIONAL 2018 Colt7/11/192018StallionSANNMANColorado
5 y/o open level gelding 7/11/192014Gelding Reys Dual BadgerMissouri
CHECKS AND MINT 2012 Mare5/10/1920,0002012MareIm Countin ChecksCalifornia
Bet Hesa Mover5/10/1920,0002013GeldingBet Hesa CatCalifornia
COUNT SMARTLY 5/10/1925,0002015GeldingIm Countin ChecksCalifornia
SMOKIN THE CAT5/21/1920,0002013GeldingTomcat ChexCalifornia
BACATCHA 4 yr old Gelding5/7/1916,5002015GeldingCats MeradaCalifornia
Gorgeous HBC Weanling7/10/192019ColtHigh Brow CatTexas
Her Hotness7/9/192018MareSpots HotTexas
Mike Drop7/9/19$28,0002014GeldingSweet Lil PeptoTexas
Metallic Long Legs7/8/192018MareMetallic CatTexas
3-1 Package Pepto Mare7/8/19$60,0002004MarePeptoboonsmalCalifornia
SMOOTH KIND 7/8/19-2016MareSmooth As A Cat
2018 Stevie Rey Von Colt7/8/1912,5002018ColtStevie Rey VonNorth Dakota
2018 Sannman Colt7/8/1910,0002018ColtSannmanNorth Dakota
4 yr old Producer * SHOW*7/7/1912,5002010MareSanta Cruzer PlayboyTexas
4 yr old Producer * SHOW*7/7/1912,5002010MareSanta Cruzer PlayboyTexas
Bobs Blue Cat3/6/1965002017gelding Blue One Time Texas
SMART CATTILAC7/6/19$25,000.002004StallionHigh Brow CatArizona
Sugar Little Bloom7/6/19$17,500.002017MareTwo Timin ShinerArizona
Breyking Bad7/5/19$25,000.002017GeldingTR Dual ReyArizona
2015 Metallic Cat Son7/5/19$45,0002015StallionMetallic Cat Texas
Red Roan Yrling Stallion7/5/199,5002018StallionOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
Red Roan Yearling Stallio7/5/1911,5002018StallionOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
Hottish Roan Yearling 7/5/1910,5002018 MareHottishCalifornia
Hottish Roan Yearling 7/5/1910,5002018 MareHottishCalifornia
Hal O Mate 2/11/1925,000 2013 Mare Halreycious Texas
2017 Mare by Catty Hawk6/18/1915,0002017MARE CATTY HAWK Oklahoma
Small but Mighty7/4/1918,0002010GeldingCat T MastersonPennsylvania
Smooth as a cat mare6/30/1920,0002011MareSmooth As A CatLouisiana
High Brow Cat Gelding6/28/19$15,000.002008GeldingHigh Brow CatLouisiana
Perfect Weekend Horse6/28/192009GeldingBoon A LittleOklahoma
2015 Metallic Cat Gelding6/28/192015GeldingMetallic CatOklahoma
Smooth As A Cat Broodmare6/28/192006MareSmooth As A CatOklahoma
2017 Smooth As A Cat Mare6/28/192017MareSmooth As A Cat
For Goodness Shakes 2017 6/28/192017StallionKIT KAT SUGARTexas
Dancing With Sugar 2017 M6/28/192017MareKIT KAT SUGARTexas
Reymember Me Sweet 20176/28/192017MareDUAL SMART REYTexas
Kat Krussing 2017 Stud6/28/192017StallionKIT KAT SUGARTexas
Ms Jackson Kat 2017 Mare6/28/192017MareKit Kat SugarTexas
Time To Be Smooth6/26/1925,0002017MareSmooth As A CatTexas
2017 Smooth As A Cat Stud6/25/192017StudSmooth As A Cat
2017 Smooth As A Cat Mare6/25/192017MareSmooth As A Cat
Tronas Metallic Cat 4/27/19$20,0002015GELDING Metallic Cat Oklahoma
Comegetusome6/25/192014GeldingMetallic CatOklahoma
4 yr old Smart Lil Scoot6/25/1925,000.002015GeldingSmart Lil ScootMissouri
Metallicexpectations6/25/192013GeldingMetallic CatCalifornia
RBR I Wanna Rock - Video6/25/195,5002017MareBoonlight PeppyTexas
MISS STRAWBERRY MOON12/20/182016MareOnce In A Blu BoonCalifornia
EASY PLAYIN HIGH12/28/182016GeldingHigh Brow CDCalifornia
THATS ONE COOL CAT12/28/182016GeldingOne Time PeptoCalifornia
2015 Dual Rey Mare6/24/192015MareDual ReyTexas
Reyefied 6/22/19$50,0002013GeldingDual ReyCalifornia
*Price Reduced* 4/24/192012GeldingMetallic CatKentucky
Stella Merada6/22/19$50,0002015MareCats Merada Oklahoma
Smooth Bingo Bango6/20/19$35,0002015MareSmooth As A Cat
**Rebel In The Sky**6/20/192018MareMetallic Rebel
**One Nite In Ft Worth**6/20/192018MareOnce In A Blu Boon
**Fort Worth Skyline**6/20/19$30,0002001MareMr Skyline Peppy
Blue Roan Broodmare6/19/1914,5002007 MareMecom BlueCalifornia
Blue Roan Broodmare6/19/1914,5002007 MareMecom BlueCalifornia
Blue Roan Stallion 4/17/1914,5002018StallionOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
SEMEN FOR SALE6/19/192019Semen For SaleSmart Little Lena
Palomino 2 yr old filly6/18/1915,000XMareGold From HomeTexas
Countin on Boon6/18/192015GeldingIm Countin ChecksIowa
STYLISH N FOXIE 6/17/19$40,0002015MARE High Brow Cat California
2019 Futurity Prospect6/17/192016MareHigh Brow Cat
2019 Futurity Prospect 6/17/192016MareSmooth As A Cat
**Fort Worth Kats**6/15/19$40,0002017GeldingKit Kat Sugar
Metallic Cat Broodmare 6/14/1950,0002013MareMetallic Cat
2016 Mare by Dual Rey6/14/192016MareDual ReyOklahoma
Catty Belle6/12/19$20,0002018MareCatty Hawk
Fort Worth Pipeline6/12/19$75,0002008MareCats Merada
Son of Peptoboonsmal6/11/1921,0002007StallionPeptoboonsmal
MK Hals Smooth Girl1/24/19$30,0002014MareHalreyciousKentucky
$170k LTE- Red Roan Stud!6/11/192011StallionMetallic CatTexas
CanCan Reyvolution6/10/1940,0002007geldingDual ReyTexas
Cat Ichi mare 6/10/1955002006MareCat Ichi Missouri
CR Ohtobetuffnhumble4/11/1925,0002014MareWoody Be TuffTexas
CR Hot Stuff4/11/1930,0002014MareWoody Be TuffTexas
SS Shooting CR Cat4/3/19180002005GeldingHigh Brow CatFlorida
Hughes That Girl6/8/1920k2015MareThomas E HughesTexas
Allie Bama 3/3/1965002018 MareBamacatTexas
Reyly Rey6/7/192015MareDual Rey Kansas
Queen Of All Cats6/7/192015MareNRR Cat King ColeKansas
Cats Red Feather Broodmar6/5/1915,0002006MareCats Red FeatherPennsylvania
2014 Geld. LTE: $29,000+6/4/192014GeldingBoon Too SuenKansas
RAY LUIS6/3/19Contact Casey Green or Mike Schraeder 2014GeldingDUAL SMART REYTexas
2018 Smooth As A Cat Mare6/3/192018Mare Smooth As A Cat
2018 Smooth As A Cat Mare6/3/192018MareSmooth As A Cat
Smart Mate Broodmare6/3/19$17,000.00 OBO2003MSmart MateOklahoma
Cats Lil Peptolena6/3/192011mareHIGH BROW CATAlberta
Cats Lil Peptolena6/3/192011MareHigh Brow Cat Alberta
Smooth Davey Jane 6/3/192014MareSmooth As A Cat
Little Autumn Kitty6/1/1925,0002011MareAutumn AcreCalifornia
KABOOMAREY6/1/192015GeldingDual Rey
DREYM ON6/1/192015StallionDual Rey
2014 Smooth As A Cat5/29/19 2014GeldingSmooth As A Cat
Im Johnny Crockett5/29/192012GHigh Brow CatTexas
9 yo Amateur, Youth Ready5/28/19170002010GeldingLatigo CatOhio
MANNY CANDUIT5/28/1925,0002015MareMandalay ReyTexas
Open Futurity Mare OIAB5/28/192016MareOnce In A Blu BoonTexas
Metallic Cat Gelding5/28/19750002011GMetallic CatTexas
Metallic Cat Gelding5/28/19750002011GMetallic CatTexas
2018 Chromed out colt5/27/1910,0002018ColtNRR Cat King ColeTexas
2018 Catty Hawk Colt5/27/1910,0002018Colt Catty HawkTexas
Blue Roan5/26/1925,000.002011GeldingSweet Lil PeptoTexas
Shady Lil Aristocrat5/25/192000MareSmart Lil AristocratTexas
**This Lights Bright**5/25/192015MareWR This Cats SmartCalifornia
2016 Colt by Metallic Cat5/23/1930,0002016StallionMetallic CatOklahoma
KT Macs Kat5/23/1918,0002006GeldingHigh Brow CatTexas
2013 SMOOTH SLATE GELDING5/23/192013GeldingSmooth As A Cat
Once in a Blu Boon 16mare5/22/19$16,000 OBO2016MareOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
Solid NP Show Horse5/21/19150002008MareTR Dual ReyUtah
Highly Tempted 5/20/1918,500 2010 Gelding Athena Puddy Cat Texas
Bet Shesa Diva5/20/19$25,0002013MareBet Hesa CatIdaho
2017 Colt5/20/192017StallionSmooth As A CatOklahoma
Xtra Smart Jazz 5/20/1925,0002013 Mare Jazarell Cat Texas
Lil Buffalo Dancer5/20/19$40,000 Firm2013GeldingDual Smart ReyTexas
2018 Rey Dual5/7/1955002018GeldingRey DualTexas
2007 Gelding 4/22/19Call for pricing 2007GeldingMecum BlueSouth Carolina
Perfect Hauling Horse3/21/1945,0002012MareSmooth As A CatTexas
Reys Ur Glass 2015 Mare3/20/1930,0002015MareLittle JazzareyOklahoma
Finished Cutting Horse Ge3/3/19$15,0002008GeldingWR This Cats SmartOregon