Kristyn Kleeman Listings

Title Section Posted $
2017 ColtHorses for Sale5/20/19
2016 geldingHorses for Sale3/4/19$15,000
2016 Colt by Metallic CatHorses for Sale5/2/1917,500
Critiks ChoiceHorses for Sale5/9/19
Lenas Peppy PearlHorses for Sale5/10/1920,000
6 yr old Show HorseHorses for Sale4/22/1935,000
That Fine LineHorses for Sale5/10/1910,000
Tazs DreamgirlHorses for Sale5/6/1940,000
6 yr old Show HorseHorses for Sale4/2/1940,000
Unnamed SourceHorses for Sale5/9/19
2017 ColtHorses for Sale1/2/1910,000
Y Baby YHorses for Sale5/10/19
2016 Mare Horses for Sale3/25/1925,000
Right Kind Of ReyHorses for Sale5/9/1920,000
Heavens Little AngelHorses for Sale5/9/1940,000
SatisfydHorses for Sale5/10/1920,000
Cowy 2017 Gelding Horses for Sale5/17/19$27,500
2016 Colt by Metallic CatHorses for Sale5/23/1930,000
2016 Mare by Dual ReyHorses for Sale6/14/19
M/R Cutting HorsesRanches11/9/18