Jeff Oswood Listings

Title Section Posted $
TIME FOR THE DIAMOND Stallions11/6/182019 Breeding Fee $2,000 plus Chute Fee
DOCS HICKORYStallions11/3/182019 Breeding Fee - $5,000 (ICSI ONLY)
DONT STOPP BELIEVINStallions11/3/182020 Breeding Fee: $2,500
CD DIAMONDStallions11/3/182019 Breeding Fee $3,500
LATE NIGHT STOPPERStallions11/5/182019 Breeding Fee $2,000
WALLA WALLA WHIZ Stallions11/5/18 2019 Breeding Fee $2,250 includes chute fee
HOTTISHStallions11/3/182019 Breeding Fee $10,000
GUNNATRASHYA Stallions11/5/182019 Breeding Fee $3,750 includes Chute Fee
ONE TIME PEPTO Stallions11/6/18 2019 Breeding Fee $8,500 plus chute fee
DUAL REYStallions11/4/182019 Breeding Fee - $15,000
REYZIN THE CASHStallions11/4/182019 Breeding Fee $3,500
ONE TIME ROYALTYStallions11/3/182019 Breeding Fee $2,850 plus chute fee
LIL CATBALOOStallions11/5/182019 Breeding Fee $2,000