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9/2/20Don Bell and Milt Bradford Team Up
8/22/20Playboy McCray the Horse of a Lifetime
7/17/20The Future is Bright
7/8/20Rocking P Ranch Production Sale Details
6/30/20NCHA Derby Modifications
6/8/20 NCHA Weekly Update
6/4/20Triangle Fall Sale Hosted at AQHA World Sho
5/9/20CHC Re-Broadcast of Champions Cup
4/29/20‘Sissie’ Morris, wife of Chronicle publisher, dies
4/23/20Let's GO Cut!!!
3/26/20Widows Freckles 1994 – 2020
3/20/20Mamma Monica Home Delivery
3/20/20Making the most of Downtime
3/17/20Eastern Nationals a Time Honored Tradition
3/17/20Marketplace Sale Cancelled
3/14/20Mesa Pate Tops CHC Herd Work Class
3/13/20NRCHA Stallion Stakes Postponed
2/24/20Cutting Horse Show in Ardmore
2/21/20Woody Be Lucky the Big Gelding with a Big Precence
2/21/20NRCHA WGH Finalists Determined
2/18/20NRCHA COC Champions Crowned
2/12/20Hottish Gone but Never Forgotten
2/12/20Lee Garner, 1944 – 2020
2/5/20New Location, New Sale Records for Triangle Sale
1/30/20The Run For A Million adds Cow Horse Invitational
1/13/20New CHC Herd Work Class Offered
1/12/20Amateur and Non Pro Competition in Abilene
1/10/202020 Show Season is Underway!
12/26/192019 Open Rider Chart Highlights!
12/18/192019 Horses of the Year and Award Winners
12/16/19History Repeating
12/15/19Making Dreams Come True
12/12/19Buster Welch Statue Unveiled
12/11/19Booth Takes Amateur Win
12/9/19World Finals Recap
12/9/19Second Futurity Champion Crowned
12/5/19Rodrigo Strikes Again
12/3/19In Loving Memory of Hilary Watson
12/1/19Midway World Finals Recap
11/18/19Prework Season
11/11/19Triangle Sales Move to OK
10/31/19High Brow Cat Dies
10/25/19Non-Pro Results in Jackson Mississippi
10/24/19Metallic Rebel Southern Futurity Open Results
10/20/19Big Finish in Snaffle Bit Open Finals
10/19/19Debbie Crafton Clinches Snaffle Bit NP TitleInterm
10/18/19Kelby Phillips tops herd work finals
10/17/19NRCHA Open Bridle Champion Crowned
10/16/19Snaffle Bit Futurity Finalists Determined
10/15/19More Titles Awarded at Snaffle Bit Futurity
10/13/19That's a Wrap in Las Vegas
10/11/19Rodear America National Champions Crowned
10/10/19Herd Work Results from the Snaffle Bit Futurity
10/9/193 For 3 For A Star Is Borne
10/7/19Congress Recap
10/7/19The Action Kicks off at the Snaffle Bit Futurity
10/6/19First Finals at PCCHA Futurity
10/2/19Note from NCHA President
9/30/19Final Champions Crowned at the Brazos Bash
9/25/19Hear From Bash 3-Peat Champion Michael Cooper
9/24/19Brazos Bash Open Results
9/18/19New Class Format for the Southern
9/17/19El Rancho Futurity Final Wrap Up
9/16/19Way Out West Results From El Rancho Futurity
9/10/19Leveled 2 Division Proposal Facts
9/10/19First Champions Crowned at the El Rancho Futurity
9/9/19Cotton Stakes Wrap Up
9/5/19Hansma Horse Raffle
9/3/19Finals Results for the 2019 Idaho Futurity
9/3/19Strong Performances Kick Off Cotton Stakes
9/1/19A Huge Night in Idaho!
8/29/19Open Results for the 2019 Idaho Futurity
8/26/19Cutting Super Fans in Idaho
8/19/19Goodbye to Ben Emison
8/18/19Cascades Final Results
8/18/19The Italian Dream
8/18/19West TX Futurity Final Results
8/16/19West TX Futurity Early Results
8/15/19Open Championships Awarded at Cascades Futurity
8/11/19Behind Section K
8/8/19CHC Featured Trainer Spotlight: Brett McGlothlin
8/8/19Vote to Limit Horses At NCHA Events
8/5/19A Night for the Record Books
8/4/19Ali Good Claims Derby Limited Non Pro Win
8/1/19CHC Justin Insurance Charity Team Penning Wrap Up
8/1/19Pedro & The Kwack Shack Take Limited Championship
7/28/19Youth Cutting to Remember!
7/26/192019 Cotton Stakes
7/26/19CHC Justin Insurance Charity Team Penning
7/25/19First NCHA Derby Amateur Champions Crowned
7/19/19Lightning Strikes Once Again
7/19/19Epic Evening for Three Brothers
7/17/19Special Finish for a Special Team
7/14/19Thomas Bray Wins Classic Limited Open
7/12/19RIP Gary Ray 1951 - 2019
7/3/19Sasha Schwind Shines in USA/Euro NP Challenge
7/2/19Members of Cutting Family Killed in Plane Crash
6/24/19Jonathan Rogers and His Take On Sportsmanship
6/19/19The Overcomers
6/17/19PCCHA Derby $10k Open, NP & $5k Am Recap
6/17/19Something for Everyone at Non Pro Plus the Open
6/17/19PCCHA Derby NP & Am Wrap Up
6/16/19NRCHA Derby Champions Crowned
6/13/19Open Results from The Non Pro Plus The Open
6/13/19Clint Allen & DMAC Doggfather Ace in Vegas
6/11/19Huge Scores Marked in First Vegas Finals
6/11/19John Rockey Goes Out On Top
6/3/19Justin Chalmers CHC Trainer Spotlight
5/28/19New NCHA Members Hall of Fame Inductees
5/26/192019 BI Finishes with Second Work-off
5/24/19Back Street Cat Takes Center Stage in Novice Final
5/23/19NCHA Director of Judges - Russell McCord Retires
5/20/19CHC Owner Spotlight: Bobby & Mary Jo Hawkins
5/18/19Amateur Payday at BI
5/17/19Elizabeth Quirk Aces in BI Classic NP
5/16/19Arlis Justice 1934 - 2019
5/14/19High Sellers at The Marketplace at Ardmore Sale
5/13/19The Non-Pro Plus The Open Makes Changes!
5/13/19John Sanislow Wows in BI Work Off
5/8/19Gary Gonsalves CHC Trainer Spotlight
5/4/19PCCHA Gathering Results
5/2/19Bet Yer Blue Boons 1990 – 2019
4/30/19The Chartiers
4/21/19Amateurs Close Out Super Stakes
4/19/19CHC Owner Spotlight – Frank & Bonnie Martin
4/15/19Co-Champions Jaeggi and Bushaw Take Derby Non Pro
4/14/19Miller and Chalmers Take Home Non Pro Wins
4/12/19Chelsea and Selena Strike Again
4/8/19NRCHA Stakes Open & NP Champions Crowned
4/8/19Hanson, Galyean, and Green Finish with a Win
4/5/19Brent Erickson Tops Classic Limited Open
4/4/192019 NRCHA Stakes Cow Work Prelims Complete
3/31/19Million Dollar Babies
3/22/19NCHA hires new Executive Director
3/18/19High Brow Cat Breeding Fees Lower
3/18/19Cannon Quarter Horses – Only Quality
3/15/19Jimmy Orrell 1933 – 2019
3/14/19Life's Work by Jake Telford
3/12/19Tarin Rice & Gotcha Haul for the World
3/11/19Circle Y Supports Rising Stars
3/10/19Cattlemen's Amateur & NP Wrap Up
3/7/19Matt Miller Tops Derby Open
3/7/1910 Questions for the 2019 NCHA VP Candidates
3/7/19Casey Green and Taliate Bring Down the House
3/2/19New Partnership for High Brow Cat
3/1/19Dick Gaines: A Great Horseman, Businessman, Friend
2/27/19Cowgirl Hall Of Fame New Exhibit Set To Open
2/26/19Trey Wilson CHC Trainer Spotlight
2/25/192019 Arbuckle Mountain Futurity End With a Bang
2/24/19Cushing Crushes at NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman
2/22/19Section K Podcast -Pilot Episode
2/22/19World’s Greatest Horseman Finalists Named
2/21/19Milestones Reached In Ardmore
2/18/19Cushing & Shining CD Light Top NRCHA Derby Open
2/18/19Amateurs Round out 2019 Bonanza Cutting
2/14/19Non Pros Win Big at the Bonanza
2/12/19Tatum Rice and Crey Zee go Three for Three
2/10/19Beau Galyean and Rollz Royce Shine Once Again
2/7/19CHC Trainer Spotlight: Dusty Whitford
2/6/19NCHA Stallion “A Tale Of The Cat” Sells
2/2/19Final Titles Awarded at The Ike
1/31/19Cody Hedlund Aces at The Ike
1/29/19Earnheart and Taboga Top Intermediate Finals
1/29/19Tatum Rice and Crey Zee Strike Again
1/28/19Lloyd Cox Claims Classic Championship at the Ike
1/25/19Gabe Reynolds Trainer Spotlight
1/25/19PCCHA Stallion Service Auction
1/21/19Augusta Futurity Wrap Up
1/18/19The 40 Open and Non Pro
1/17/19Goodbye to Dick Gaines
1/14/19The Voice of the NCHA: Tom Holt
1/11/19CHC Trainer Spotlight: Joe Ammann
1/11/19Abilene Amateurs Crowned
1/10/19Non-Pros Take Center Stage in Abilene
1/8/19Wes Ashlock Claims Hometown Championship
1/8/19New Class Structure at The Ike Derby Classic
1/7/19First Abilene Spectacular Titles Awarded
12/29/18WCHA Continued Growth
12/26/18Can’t Miss – Abilene Youth Scholarship Cutting
12/21/18A Little History on Macon Massey
12/18/18Farrier Talk - "The Smoker"
12/17/1810 Questions Preston Ammann
12/14/18$11,500 raised for NICU Unit
12/14/18New Look for CHC Website
12/12/182018 NCHA Open Futurity Champion
12/12/18True Family Love
11/28/18Porterfield Takes Limited Open Win
11/27/18Westfall ties it up
11/26/18Sunday's Leaders
11/25/18PG Heavily Armed Wins
11/25/18A Lock for Ashlock
11/25/18Babygoterboonjeanson again
11/25/18Adams & Hot Sriracha Turn Up Heat
11/25/18Good Start to Mercuria WF1
11/25/18Full Stopp At The WF Round1
11/25/18Shane Hall Trainer Spotlight
11/25/18Farrier Talk Part 5
11/25/18Gearing Up for Semis
11/25/18Fracker In Front
11/25/18Counting Blessings....
11/25/18Ms Baby Cakes Makes Day
11/25/18Bama Jelly 220.5
11/25/18Ms Baby Cakes 222
11/25/18Out Of Sight: Never...
11/25/18Fracker Brown 223
11/25/18Toy Story
11/25/18Crey Zee Start to Futurity
11/25/18Farrier Talk #3
11/25/18Casey Crouch Zane Schulte
11/25/18Eric Magby Trainer Profile
11/9/18Farrier Talk Episode 3
11/9/18Top Sellers In Ardmore
11/6/18Pattillo Clinches Amateur
11/6/18Waco Texas Futurity Wraps
11/2/18Farrier Talk Episode 2
11/2/18Waco Open Results
10/31/18Trey Hunt Scholarship
10/31/18Southern Futurity Wrap Up
10/28/18Farrier Talk Episode #1
10/28/18Payne Claims 3rd Futurity
10/28/18HOTY Race Heats Up
10/28/18SBF Open Results