Farrier Talk Part 2- The Toughest Part about Being A Farrier










In this second episode of our six part series “Farrier Talk”, Tommy talks about some of the challenges a farrier faces especially when it comes to unruly horses.

Most of the cutting horse trainers and barns Tommy shoes for are focused on the limited aged events and once the horses turn six they will move on to other programs that are more centered around the weekend show circuit. This means that the cycle of horses in the shoeing barn is constantly evolving and every year sees a new group of yearlings to work with which can sometimes bring new challenges.


The weather is another factor that can create problems. Tommy says the heat doesn’t bother him but the cold can sometimes be a little difficult since wearing bulky clothes and gloves isn’r an option in this line of work. The forge tends to be used more often in the winter and is often also a convenient way to stay warm in the barns.

Coming up next week in Episode 3 Tommy talks about some of the past and present Champions he's been involved with which include a pretty impressive list of World Champions and prominent sires in the cutting world.