El Rancho Futurity Final Wrap Up









We are all headed our separate ways from the 2019 El Rancho Futurity and Foothill Fiesta, and man, was it one to remember!  It is one to attend at least once, but if you go once you will no doubt go again.  Carol Ward continues to go above and beyond for cutters, from accommodations, to the activities planned during the show, and of course the event itself!  A finals night in El Rancho has a special feel unlike any other, it is a combination of the packed house, cutting under the stars, and Dru Stewart taking the time to make each trip to the herd special for each rider.  It is all and all the fact that everyone is just as excited about the sport and want to watch a great cutting!

Futurity Open

The Futurity Open will start off our long list of results!  Adan Banuelos continued his winning streak marking a formidable 225 aboard Armani Blue (Smooth As A Cat x Autumn Boon), owned by Jeff Neidhart.  They collected a $12,000 check for the win making the past month a pretty impressive one for this duo.  They will be headed to the Brazos Bash next and undoubtably will make their presence known once again!


Adan Banuelos and Armani Blue

Reserve Champion was Andrew Coates marking a 219.5 riding Lethal Rey Boon, owned by Ed and Dee Elkins.  They received a $10,500 check to go along with their title!  They also took home the Gelding Division Championship! This was the second small futurity finals for this team as well. 

Andrew Coates and Lethal Rey Boon

The Jerry Ward Incentive Award, which paid $2,500 to the winner was Smarty Catts (Cats Rascal), owned by Marvin and Paulette Teixeira and ridden by Morgan Cromer marking a 215.

Morgan Cromer and Smarty Catts

Futurity Open Intermediate

In the Futurity Open Intermediate Finals Dylan Meyer and Cee Dee Catalena, owned by Pam Heier, stole the show marking a 221.5 for the win!  This mare was purchased not long ago after Dylan told Pam she had to buy her, that she was a special one.  It was definitely good advice, this was one of two finals that she made through the show with this $5,496.41 check being a highlight in her career thus far. 

Dylan Meyer and Cee Dee Catalena

Reserve Champion was David Costello marking a 218 aboard Don Julio, owned by Rick Galles.  They received a nice $4,597.13 check for the run!

David Costello and Don Julio

Futurity Non Pro

Tracey Woodward claimed the Futurity Non-Pro Championship with a 427 cumulative score aboard her home-grown gelding, R Cat Mr Wilson (Rascal Cats x DS Miss Wilsons Freckle).  This was only the beginning of her amazing week with all of the babies her family has raised.

Tracey Woodward and R Cat Mr Wilson

Reserve Champion was Jeff Barnes with a 424 cumulative score aboard Spookys Jackpot. This horse has been one of the most consistent this fall making almost every finals in both the Open and the Non Pro!

Jeff Barnes and Spookys Jackpot

Futurity Unlimited Amateur 

The Futurity Unlimited Amateur Champion was Karen Brody marking a 217 riding CD Can Dance!  This horse also finished tied for third place in the Open Futurity finals with trainer Morgan Cromer.

Karen Brody and CD Can Dance

Futurity $50,000 Amateur 

The Futurity $50,000 Amateur Co-Champions were Elizabeth Para and WR This Kitty Smart (WR This Cats Smart) along with Robert Thigpen aboard RT Snowman (Metallic Cat x Peyote Bird) both marking a 213.5!  They each received a $2,387 check!  Robbie and "Snowman" were also the Senior Division Champions!

Elizabeth Para and WR This Kitty Smart

Robert Thigpen and RT Snowman

Derby Non-Pro

McCall Hansma and Reymind Me (Dual Rey) marked a 221 to take home the Derby Non-Pro Championship and the $5.500 check!  They were also the Gelding Division Champions!  This duo has had a fantastic few shows being the Derby Intermediate Non-Pro Reserve Champions at the West Texas Futurity, the Derby Limited Non-Pro Champions at the Idaho Futurity, Derby Non-Pro Finalist at the Idaho Futurity, and now their success at this show!  Their next stop will be the PCCHA Futurity in October!  We look forward to seeing what else is in store for this team.

McCall Hansma and Reymind Me

Reserve Champion was Tracey Woodward marking a 217 riding Izzzy (Cats Rascal) taking home a $4,085 check!

Tracey Woodward and Izzzy

Derby $200,000 Non-Pro 

The Derby $200,000 Non-Pro Champion was Julie Sandford and Mada Drallop (Metallic Cat) marking a 216 to receive  a $2,474 check!

Julie Sandford and Mada Drallop

Reserve Champion was William Allen marking a 214 riding Dust Off The Cat, collecting a $1,855.50 check!

Derby Unlimited Amateur 

The Derby Unlimited Amateur Champion was Tracey Woodward and Just Rascal (Rascal Cats) marking a 214.  They received a $4,000 check for the win!

Tracey Woodward and Just Rascal

Reserve Champion was Lauren Cooper marking a 213 aboard Light Force claiming a $3,142.40 check.  These two also claimed the Gelding Division Championship along with the Senior Division Championship!

Derby $50,000 Amateur 

The Derby $50,000 Amatuer Finals finished out the show with Brenda Higbee marking a 214 riding Calvin Baloo (Lil Catbaloo) to take home the Championship! 

Brenda Higbee and Calvin Baloo

Reserve Champion was Julie Sandford marking a 211 riding Mada Drallop (Metallic Cat) collecting a $2,200 check.  It was an awesome show for this mare having already claimed a Championship as well as making an Open Finals with trainer Monty Buntin.

Julie Sandford and Mada Drallop

Classic Non-Pro

In the Classic Non-Pro it was Hydie McAlister and Ms Shuga Rey (Kit Kat Sugar x Etta Rey) marking a 223!  Hydie was all smiles at the end of her run, it was actually the highest score she has marked so far in her cutting career and very special for it all to come together on this mare.  She is so talented but a challenge to ride making this extra rewarding for Hydie! 

Hydie McAlister and Ms Shuga Rey

Reserve Champion was Chelsea Tatum marking a 215 riding her great mare Bobs Smart Rey (Dual Rey x Bobs Smart Chance).  This added another $3,750 to this mare's already impressive career!

Chelsea Tatum and Bobs Smart Rey

Classic Unlimited Amateur 

Hydie continued her awesome show marking a 220 aboard Amens Smooth Freckle (Smooth As A Cat) to take home the Classic Unlimited Amateur Championship!


Hydie McAlister and Amens Smooth Freckle

Co-Reserve Champions were Richard Minnix riding Metallic Tax (Metallic Cat) and Justin Rockey riding Dureyngo Kid (Reys Dual Badger x Shes Twice As Smooth) both marking a 217!

Richard Minnix and Metallic Tax

Justin Rockey and Dureyngo Kid

The Senior Division Champion was Bobbie Kay Davis aboard RN Starlights Cat!

Bobbie Kay Davis and RN Starlights Cat

$200,000 Non-Pro 

As if Hydie had not had a show to remember already, she added yet another Championship under her belt this time in the $200,000 Classic Non-Pro!  She marked another 220 aboard Amens Smooth Freckle (Smooth As A Cat) in the same afternoon.  This added another $2,338.50 to their earnings for the day.

Hydie McAlister and Amens Smooth Freckle

Co-Reserve Champions were Sherry Stryker and SDP Gene Maker along with Kim Davis and Rockin KW (Rockin W) both marking a 214 to claim $1,850 checks.

Sherry Stryker and SDP Gene Maker

Kim Davis and Rockin KW

Classic $50,000 Amateur 

Justin Rockey rounded out the Classic events marking a 221 to take home the Classic $50,000 Amateur riding Dureyngo Kid (Reys Dual Badger x Shes Twice As Smooth).  They claimed a nice $2,355.50 check!


Justin Rockey and Dureyngo Kid

Reserve Champion was Justin Schuette and Bellas Cat (Cats Quixote Jack) marking a 214!  They took home a $1,950 check!


Justin Shuette and Bellas Cat


As said before this show needs to be put on everyone's bucket lists to attend at least once in their show career's!  How the show is set up is very unique in this day and age.  We always have the most fun attending and admire Carol Ward for going above and beyond for all of the competitors that attend!  Congratulations to all of the finalists and champions from all of us here at Cutting Horse Central!